Friday, January 5, 2001

Beata Riedmayer-Landgraab

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Name: Beata Angelica Riedmayer-Landgraab (nee Riedmayer)
Generation: 1
Birthday: July 6, 1977
Personality: 6-5-8-3-3 (Scorpio)
Features: Blond hair, gray eyes, medium-light skin
Height: 5'3" (0.915)

Parents: Elwood Riedmayer and Edith Kraft Riedmayer
Siblings: Agatha Riedmayer and Jacqueline Riedmayer
Romantic history: Unknown
Partner: Malcolm Landgraab
Children: Edith Riedmayer, Joan Pons, Francine Whitfill, Millie Whitfill, Malcolm Landgraab V, Marion Landgraab, Margaret Landgraab

Aspiration: Popularity (Romance secondary)
Turn ons (off): Mechanical, witchyness (glasses)
Lifetime want(s): Own 5 Top-Level Businesses, Become General (fulfilled)
Impossible want(s): Have 30 Best Friends (fulfilled)

Education: High school
Previous employment: N/A
Current employment: General (military)
Hobby plaques: None
Talent badges: Gold: register, sales, restocking, sewing Bronze: robotics

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