Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Round 7 Part 3: Riedmayer Cove (2053 - 2057)

Jill Smith is 60 years old, Johnson Simpson is 57 years old, Agatha Riedmayer is 33 years old, and Andrew Riedmayer is 2 years old.

"Golden years"
narrated by Johnson Simpson

I never thought, thirty-some years ago, that this is where I'd end up, but life is pretty good. My "grandson," Andrew, turned five a while back.

Agatha is really good with him. Helps him with his homework and stuff, so he can get the best start in life possible.

We managed to get him into private school as well. Jill talked to the headmaster over coffee while I cooked dinner.

Then Agatha spent some time schmoozing him over drinks. I think she got a little tipsy, but apparently it worked since Andrew was accepted.

Now that he's in school all day, things are pretty quiet around here. Jill and I are both still working, though she's got enough time off to take up a pottery-making hobby.

I think she's continuing other hobbies as well, based on the little--and not-so-little--gifts that end up on our front porch. Either that, or Agatha is following in her mother's footsteps. As long as it's not affecting Andrew, I figure it's none of my business.

Administrative notes

1. I've started making profiles for my Sims so I don't have to put their aspirations etc. at the beginning of each post. You can see the ones I've made in the archives for 2001. (Obviously I did not actually write them in 2001.)

2. I also published the family tree online. My one or two regular readers will have to tell me if they can actually view it; I might have to set all the Sims to "dead" so the tree doesn't try to protect their fictional personal information.

3. I won't be doing the "house end of week" pictures anymore. It was fun the first few weeks when everyone was climbing out of poverty, but then I kept it up well past that point. So now I'll just do pictures of new houses or major renovations. If I feel like it.

Now I should go get stuff done IRL so I can work on an actual story post later. (Riedmayer Cove is about 75% done.)