Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Administrative notes

1. I've started making profiles for my Sims so I don't have to put their aspirations etc. at the beginning of each post. You can see the ones I've made in the archives for 2001. (Obviously I did not actually write them in 2001.)

2. I also published the family tree online. My one or two regular readers will have to tell me if they can actually view it; I might have to set all the Sims to "dead" so the tree doesn't try to protect their fictional personal information.

3. I won't be doing the "house end of week" pictures anymore. It was fun the first few weeks when everyone was climbing out of poverty, but then I kept it up well past that point. So now I'll just do pictures of new houses or major renovations. If I feel like it.

Now I should go get stuff done IRL so I can work on an actual story post later. (Riedmayer Cove is about 75% done.)

1 comment:

  1. The family tree is visible but takes a bit getting used to, the navigation is not instantly clear (at least it wasn't to me): Sims' first names only appear once you have clicked on them. Unless you have clicked, they are all called "Private".

    A total view of the house, just to make sure we know where we are for each update, would be great at the beginning of each post :-)