Monday, February 27, 2012

Week Two Part One: Kules Korner

As they worked their way through high school, Darius Kules and Elise Kalson started spending more and more time together--some of it at Darius' house, some of it at clubs.

Brittanie didn't really care what her son did after school, as long as he pulled passing grades. His more frequent late nights out enabled her to make a few conquests of her own, such as bartender Ryan Cho. (At this point I think Brittanie was working as a convenience store clerk, hence the dual apron wearing.)

Brittanie was rather upset to discover that her dalliance with Ryan had some unexpected consequences. Darius was delighted at the prospect of being a big brother, but Brittanie preferred to ignore this new development as much as possible.

She avoided Ryan for the duration of her pregnancy, knowing he would ask uncomfortable questions. Instead, she had a fling with Abjiheet Depiesse, whose views on commitment were more in line with her own. (He's a Romance Sim too.)

Finally the baby was born and Brittanie could shed those awful, frumpy maternity clothes. The baby was a boy; she named him Jaden, bought him a cheap crib, and then promptly forgot that he existed.

Fortunately for Jaden, Darius picked up the slack in terms of baby care.

At the end of the week, the Kules family had two bedrooms (one for Brittanie and her lovers, one for Darius and Jaden). The common area and bathroom remain largely unchanged.

I love babies, both real and Sim, so I couldn't resist giving Brittanie a little surprise. Let's justify it on the grounds that it can't hurt to have a second Sim capable of carrying on the Kules family name. (Since Jaden is illegitimate, the game gave him his mother's last name.)


  1. A spare heir is always handy for original houses

    1. Indeed. And Jaden is one of my favorite Sims (I feel like I say that about almost all my little Simmies...). He grows up to be quite cute, as you will see if you keep reading.