Monday, June 17, 2013

The Return of Prosperity Plains

So, did anybody miss me?

During April and May, I was sick on account of being pregnant. Then during June I've STILL been sick on account of being pregnant (second trimester does not live up to its reputation...) and I've started a BACC. It's a lot easier in terms of rules--I only have to check my print-out when I want my Sims to apply for jobs--but harder in terms of math. My BACC Sims will probably never hire a maid simply because I won't be able to figure out when the population is high enough.

Anyway, I have a so-far empty blog for that here, and I'm hoping to be posting more over on this blog. I've got a good 10 lots that I've played but not blogged, and I'm going to try to get through Round 7 at least by December, at which point I will have other things occupying my time. (BABY.)

Right now I need to get off the computer and go do laundry, though, so more later.


  1. Of course I missed you, and you know it!

    Hope your pregnancy will go better from now on :-)

    Looking forward to reading about your BACC (no idea what it means, by the way) Sims!

    1. It stands for "Build a City Challenge." One version of the rules (the one I am using) is here:

    2. Thank you - I've just had a look and now remember that I was in touch with Rachel Ziese a long time ago, when she added the NPC Challenge that I had created to her blog: