Sunday, August 7, 2016

Still hiatus-ing

A couple of weeks ago my old computer stopped booting altogether, so I finally got a new one! Being 9 years younger than the old one, it was super cheap even though it has WAY more space and fancier stuff on it ("fancier stuff" is a technical term). But we are super busy right now so tech support (my husband) has not had a chance to help me figure out if I can get all my Sims over.

I've been getting my Sims fix by visiting my sister and playing Sims 4, which is actually really fun except NO TODDLERS. (Why???)


  1. Hello! It will be interesting to see when/if/how you'll get your "old" Sims back :-) I keep making backups of my Sims2 hood just in case...
    Yes, TS4 is interesting! I only have the base game (so far). Does your sister have expansion packs?

    1. I know she has Get to Work at least. I was not super impressed by the "active" careers element of that pack. Basically I like my open-ended game to stay open-ended rather than having a checklist of things I have to accomplish in a certain order. :p

      (Though I do like the checklist-style scoring to Sims 4 parties. I'm full of contradictions, I suppose.)

  2. Ha, the no toddlers thing in TS4 is one of my dealbreakers with that game.

    Hope you get your game back on your PC soon! If you have a back up on an external drive or something, it should be super easy. Even if it's still on the hard drive of your old PC, your husband might be able to do wonders. My dad is my tech support, and he once saved a bunch of stuff for me from my dead computer.