Monday, February 26, 2001

River Whitfill

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Name: Rishell Veronica Whitfill
Generation: 2
Birthday: May 5, 2040
Personality: 9-3-9-10-1 (Scorpio)
Features: Brown hair, dark blue eyes, light skin
Height: 5'4" (0.93)

Parents: Jihoon Whitfill and Francine Whitfill
Siblings: Lauren Whitfill, Elijah Whitfill, Tamara Whitfill
Romantic history: None
Partner: None
Children: N/A

Aspiration: Knowledge
Turn ons (off): Cologne, hard worker (underwear)
Lifetime want(s): Become City Planner
Impossible want(s): Max All Skills

Education: High school (private)
Previous employment: None
Current employment: SimJazzer Instructor (Dance)
Hobby plaques: None
Talent badges: None

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