Saturday, February 3, 2001

Theresa Dejackome

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Name: Theresa Rose Dejackome
Generation: 2
Birthday: August 24, 2018
Personality: 2-8-2-6-7 (Libra)
Features: Red hair, brown eyes, light skin
Height: 5'10" (1.015)

Parents: Rivka Dejackome
Siblings: Gretchen Whitfill, Jeannie Dejackome-Seifert, Gavin Dejackome
Romantic history: Corbin Todd (affair), townies
Partner: Malcolm Landgraab V (married)
Children: Cole Landgraab, Melinda Landgraab, Michael Landgraab

Aspiration: Fortune (Grilled Cheese secondary) [formerly Romance]
Turn ons (off): Red hair, athleticism (black hair)
Lifetime want(s): Become Prestidigitator, Become City Planner (fulfilled)
Impossible want(s): Earn $100,000 (fulfilled), have 30 loves (fulfilled)

Education: College (Art, GH, BSOC, SCL)
Previous employment: None
Current employment: City Planner (architecture)
Hobby plaques: None
Talent badges: Silver: gardening, pottery Bronze: register, sales, restocking

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