Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Week Five Part Seven: Riedmayer-Todd Estate

Edith Riedmayer, 47 years old. Aspiration: Pleasure. (Changed in college from Fortune.) LTW: Have 50 Dream Dates. Astrological sign: Capricorn.
Corbin Todd, 40 years old. Aspiration: Romance. LTW: Become Professional Party Guest. Astrological sign: Libra.
Ingrid Riedmayer, 10 years old. Astrological sign: Gemini.
Todd Riedmayer, 5 years old. Astrological sign: Gemini.
Frederick "Fritz" Riedmayer, 1 year old.

Edith is another of Beata Riedmayer-Landgraab's daughters. Corbin was a Young Adult townie.

Hey, it's me, Todd. Yeah, I'm hot stuff, aren't I? Anyway, Ingy is off at college, so I'm sure she won't mind if I narrate the next part of our story.

I guess I should say something about myself, right? My name is Todd Riedmayer, I'm 19 years old, if you want to date me just give me a call. I'll be at Sim State soon, so hooray! There will finally be girls who aren't A) my cousins or B) dating my cousins. (Damn that Gabe. ... What? ... Okay, fine, I won't talk about that.)

I guess when Ingy left off, she was like 10 or 11, I was starting school, Fritz was just a little squirt, and Mom was pregnant again. And Dad was having a little fun on the side, unbeknownst to Mom.

Well, she found out. Found him in the garage in his sports car doin' the deed with this chick named Audrey. Mom went totally postal on him, too. Told him to get out, that she never wanted to see him again.
So Dad moved out. He ended up shacking up with Audrey, but I guess I'm supposed to tell you what happened to us after he left.
We all got older, blah blah blah. Ingy was a teenager before too long and she decided to go Goth. I think she actually looks pretty good with the black and stuff. I know she's my sister, don't go getting any weird ideas. A guy can be proud of his sister's good looks. I mean, she's gotta be good looking. She's related to ME. (Although, come to think of it, Gabe's related to me and he looks like his face went through a meat grinder.)

Ingrid Riedmayer, daughter of Edith Riedmayer and Corbin Todd. S4 skin, brown hair (dyed black), brown eyes. Aspiration: Fortune. Lifetime want: Become Chief of Staff.

Oh, and I got another brother. Charles. He looks just like the rest of us. And babies are boring. Moving on.

Random picture: Edith was doing the "cuisine enthusiasm" animation and thinking about Charles at the same time. Om nom nom nom babies...
Ingy is big into earning money and stuff, so she started trying to give makeovers, figuring that if she got good she could make some extra cash that way. She practiced on me because, well, because I was there. And I did whatever she told me to do. She was my cool big sister, okay?

Some of those makeovers didn't turn out too good. And don't judge the pink pjs, okay? We were dirt poor. We were practically eating dirt. Mom couldn't buy any new pajamas.

(I found it was actually better to practice makeovers on male victims because it's easier to reset makeup to nothing than to find whatever lipstick and eyeshadow the woman or teenage girl had been wearing before.)
Soon Fritz was starting kindergarten.
Ingy helped him get the hang of homework, since Mom was busy with work and stuff.

About 3 or 4 years after she kicked Dad to the curb, Mom decided it was time to start dating again, have a little fun. So she called up this guy Thomas. I guess they knew each other in college. Anyway, they went out on a date and next thing I know Mom is announcing that she married the guy. That seems a little crazy. One time she's engaged to a guy for 15 years and doesn't marry him, and the next guy she elopes on the first date.

Thomas Dai, former college townie.
S3 skin, red hair, green eyes.
Aspiration: Popularity.
Lifetime Want: Become Media Magnate.
Astrological sign: Leo.

Thomas appears in the first picture in this post; if memory serves he was actually the first friend Edith made at Sim State.
Thomas is pretty cool, though. He let Ingy give him a haircut. She actually make him look pretty good.

Another odd pic out.
Fritz: "So did you do the woohoo with my mother?"
Thomas: "Uhhh..."
I started high school not too long after that. I really wanted to date a bunch of girls, see what was out there, but living in this backwater that didn't work out too well. Especially not with how poor we were for a while there.

Ingy is always getting on me for talking about dating all sorts of girls, says I'm no better than Dad. But A) Dad isn't so bad, really. I mean, there's two sides to everything, right? and B) I'm not planning on having 4 kids with a girl and then cheating on her. I mean, nobody but Mom gets married on the first date. So if I date a girl one or two times, she can't go all possessive if I move on and date someone else. I can't break promises if I'm careful not to make them, right?

Todd Riedmayer, son of Edith Riedmayer and Corbin Todd. S3 skin, brown hair, brown eyes. Aspiration: Pleasure. Lifetime want: 50 1st Dates.

Oh, and Charles started school, yadda yadda. He was an annoying little ankle-biter back then, he's cooler now.

Like I've mentioned, we were WAY poor back then, so Mom and Thomas and Ingy were all working hard on getting promotions at their jobs so we could keep putting food on the table. I got a job too, as a waterboy for the Llamas. Athletes get lots of girls, right?

All right, time to go. Thomas says I gotta study if I want to get good scholarships for Sim State. And I do. After all...GIRLS.
The house at the end of the week. I'm honestly not sure why the Riedmayer-Todd-Dai family is so poor, but as you can see their house is very sparse. It's only just started advancing beyond the basic three-room shack model.
The outside is similarly austere.

I very much had to orchestrate the breakup between Edith and Corbin. I guess she really wanted him around even though he was a cheater. I had to send her out to the garage before she even noticed what he was up to, and then she didn't fight with him or roll wants to break up or anything interesting. But I wanted a little complication, so I told her to break up with him and then moved him out.

Edith's marriage to Thomas was definitely not planned. Once the kids got a little older and things settled down, I decided she needed to start working on that 50 Dream Dates lifetime want again. (Ugh. I think her original LTW, 5 Top-Level Businesses, would have been easier.) So I looked through her relationship panel and she happened to somehow still be best friends with a guy from the Secret Society. She called him, they went out, they hit it off splendidly, there was photobooth woohoo and Mrs. Crumplebottom beatings and all that fun stuff. So I thought, "Why not?" and got them married so she'd have somebody steady around for Dream Dates 30 through 50. I like Thomas a lot now, but you'll have to wait to get to know him until the next update.


  1. Soo - Edith goes from young to younger! And Todd Todd is a pleasure seeker - seems to fit him. You gave him a good voice!

    1. Ha, you're right! It is a good thing Edith has stuck with Thomas; her next husband might have been the same age as her children!