Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week Two Part Six: Sim State Dormitory + Zeta Zeta Epsilon Greek House

During high school, Edith and Joan had discovered that Sim State University would be offering limited full ride scholarships to young Sims from Prosperity Plains. The catch was that the scholarships were only offered once every 7 years and only 8 sims from the city could attend. (Translation: I decided to put my kids through in batches rather than staggering them.) The number limit wasn't a problem, but Edith and Joan didn't have good enough grades at 18 and thus had to wait around until they were both 25. SSU didn't admit full-time students older than 26, so the twins were cutting it close.

Edith and Joan managed to convince their best friend from high school, Greg Pons, to go with them, and all three were placed on the second floor of Sim State Dormitory.

Edith immediately got to work networking, greeting a mysterious stranger in a black blazer and encouraging Joan and Greg to come hang out with him as well.

Joan went along with it, but the next morning she abandoned the networking plan and started working on her MRS degree...with Greg, who didn't seem too troubled by having to choose between his two best friends.

Joan and Edith still had a strong relationship, playing Red Hands together to help de-stress after class just like they used to in high school.

Their second year at college, the three students decided to begin a Greek house, which they named Zeta Zeta Epsilon. They moved to a 3-bedroom house just across the street from Sim State Dormitory.

All three students soon found that their friendships with the black blazer types had paid off; Greg was inducted into the Secret Society not long after the Greek House was founded; Edith followed and then Joan.

After sophomore year, the twins began to change things up a bit. Joan confined her college rebellion to chopping off her braids and dying her jet-black hair blond.

Meanwhile, Edith seemed to undergo a personality change; she stopped caring about money and started obsessing over going on dates and having fun. She started dating a charismatic young man named Corbin Todd; they very quickly became engaged and soon she had asked him to move in. She even asked him to share the big black bed with her.

Joan was not too upset about this; she just moved to the other bedroom with Greg, to whom she had become engaged.

It wasn't long before Corbin was fully integrated into the Greek house and then into the Secret Society.

Meanwhile, the older students were hard at work trying to attain the coveted Big Man (or Woman) on Campus award. All three accomplished this before graduation; they celebrated their success with a toga party at which Edith led the crowd in a rousing rendition of an old folk song.

Then came graduation. All three of the older students graduated with honors, but Edith didn't qualify for Summa Cum Laude since she had a 3.9. Joan gave her a lecture about studying, but Edith shrugged it off. She would still be plenty prosperous enough.

This photo amuses me mainly
because Timothy Seifert (far left)
and Ryker Owens (far right) would
both later join the Greek House.
Also notice Brittanie Kules (in pink,
center) being a total cougar,
trying to pick up college guys.

Edith, as you may recall, was a Fortune Sim with a lifetime want to own 5 top level businesses. I didn't feel up to figuring that out, so when end of sophomore year came around I rerolled her aspiration. She's now a Pleasure Sim with a lifetime want to have 50 dream dates. Of course, she immediately snagged herself a Romance Sim. Their desires remained compatible through college (Edith kept Corbin faithful with lots of awesome dates; he didn't even mind getting engaged), but things might get interesting for them after graduation when marriage and children become possible.

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  1. Can't imagine how I missed to read this blog. Too busy this year I guess - nice to see the kids in college!