Thursday, March 22, 2012

Week Three Part One: Kules Korner

Darius left for college when he was in his mid-twenties, very near the maximum age for full-time admittance.

After he left, Brittanie remembered that Jaden existed. She definitely didn't feel like taking care of the kid herself, so she bit the bullet, inviting Ryan over and informing him that he had a son. Ryan, naturally, immediately wanted to move in and help take care of the boy. Brittanie let him, and was soon glad to discover that Ryan was too busy burying his nose in a book to pay much mind to her...extracurricular activities. (Ryan is a Knowledge Sim with the lifetime want to become a prestidigitator. I don't remember his astrological sign.)

Brittanie was still working, doing video editing. One day she showed her boss a life-changing video of some rabbits and he bequeathed her his entire fortune and went to live in the wild. Or something. Brittanie didn't really care. She just cared that she had enough money to bulldoze her old, dinky house and build a swanky new one.

Around the time Jaden started kindgergarten (or was it first grade? Brittanie wasn't really paying attention), Brittanie was dismayed to discover that she was pregnant again. She really needed to get better birth control. To make things worse, she'd been with some guys besides Ryan recently and couldn't be sure the baby was his.

A few months later, a baby girl was born. Brittanie named her Alexis, noted with relief that she looked just like Jaden (meaning she had been fathered by dark-complexioned Ryan and not by blond-haired what's-his-name), and promptly forgot that she existed.

Meanwhile, Ryan took time out from his own studies to help Jaden with his homework. Although he loved Brittanie, he noticed that she seemed perfectly content with her low level of education (she'd barely graduated high school) and he wanted his son to go to college and have opportunities he'd never had.

This is what the Kules house looked like at the end of the week. The exterior is loosely designed on a picture I saw somewhere on the interwebs. Unfortunately, Sims 2 furniture isn't really intended for slanty walls. I make it work, though.

This is the exterior of the house. Originally I was upset that the roof looked like that, but then I decided it was cool and funky. Or something.

I'm really glad I brought Ryan into the neighborhood, even thought it cramps Brittanie's Romance-Sim style. This way, I get to cast her as the villian and Ryan and the kids as victims. If she was the only one living here, she'd have to be the hero of the story and I just dislike her too much for that. (I'm a shameless Romance Sim hater. Also, I love Knowledge Sims to pieces even though they're boring by themselves.)

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  1. Poor Brittanie, step-motherly treated by her SimGodess :)
    Good for Ryan to get a playable life, though!