Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week Two Part Five: Riedmayer-Landgraab Estate

Finally, it was time for the twins to leave for college. They had worked hard to get their grades up and were thrilled. Beata was thrilled too. Since she'd given birth to the twins at 15, she'd barely had a chance to finish high school; college had been completely out of the question. She was glad that her girls had more opportunities than she'd had.

Joan was the first to leave.

Edith was next.

The twins took their bedroom furniture with them. As soon as they were gone Malcolm had some contractors come in and redo the twins' room for little Mal, who had outgrown his crib.

Beata insisted that he also hire some contractors to redo the kitchen, since they could finally afford it. So Malcolm did.

Not long after the last contractor cleaned up the last mess, Beata gave birth to her sixth child (Malcolm's third), another girl. They named her Marion after Malcolm's grandmother. (This actually was in Malcolm's family tree.) Like her sister Mildred, Marion strongly resembled Beata.

Malcolm told Beata that as a post-baby present she could get a car. Since she had four children at home, Beata reluctantly decided to get a practical minivan rather than a cooler sort of car.

Francine generally got lumped in with the "little kids," even though she was halfway between the twins and Millie in age. However, after Marion was born her mother gave her more responsiblity...and more freedom. For instance, she was allowed to have boys over. She became good friends with both Donte and Jihoon Whitfill, though she didn't give either of them romantic ideas. She wanted to go to college too and didn't need distractions from her studies. (Knowledge Sim.)

At this point I was very seriously considering setting Francine up with Donte. However, as you can guess from this post, that didn't pan out.

Bonus out-of-order picture: Francine became friends with Rishell Whitfill while they were both still children.

This is what the downstairs looked like at the end of the week. Notice that they've started using the porch as a sort of study.

This is what the upstairs looked like. Francine and Millie in the pink room, little Malcolm in the blue room.

The whole house from the back. I think my screened porch is cute.

The whole house from the front. My favorite part is that little window/balcony thing on top, which was put there by whoever designed the house for Maxis, not by me. The bay window (which you can just see behind the willow tree) is cool too.

I feel like a lot more happened to the Landgraabs than is contained in this update. A lot of ordinary Sim-life, I guess. Working and taking care of babies and making sure your kids do their homework and putting dinner on the table...stuff that doesn't make a very interesting story. I really like this family, though.

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