Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week Two Part Three: Riedmayer Cove

The house atop the hill was much roomier with Beata and her daughters gone. Elwood wasted no time trying for a male heir, and soon Jill was expecting.

Jack spent a little bit of time flirting with Denise Jacquet, who lived in the nearby Bluewater Village, but she was an uptight old lady. (Seriously, she rejected almost all of his advances.) The pickings were kind of slim in Prosperity Plains, though, so Jack focused on painting and working part-time in entertainment.

One day a young guy named Johnson Simpson invited himself home with Jack, and one thing led to another...

Jack was happier than he'd ever been in his life; at the age of 67 he finally admitted that the reason he'd never been in a deep relationship with a woman was because he was attracted to men. However, Jack kept his relationship with Johnson a secret from Elwood; his super-conservative brother would probably have a heart attack if Jack came out to him.

Meanwhile, Jill gave birth to a daughter, Agatha. Elwood quit his job so he could spend more time with Agatha--and with Jill. There was still hope for a male heir, after all.

Not very long after, Elwood and Jack were birdwatching at the edge of the lot when Elwood abruptly collapsed and died. His death was hardest on Jill. She had been aware when she married Elwood that she would probably end up a widow before too many years, but she didn't anticipate it happening while their daughter was still so young.

Jack stepped up to help take care of his niece. His brother's death reminded him that life was short and he didn't want any regrets, so he came out to Jill. Jill, being young and rather progressive herself (*cough* Romance Sim *cough*), was nothing but congratulations, and it was only a few weeks after Elwood's funeral that Johnson moved into the Riedmayer home.

It turned out that Johnson's job in entertainment, through which he met Jack, was just a side gig; he was actually employed as an All-Star athelete. His income certainly helped things; Jack had quit work entirely and Jill was only an EMT.

Just a few weeks after Elwood's death, Jill discovered that she was pregnant again. She was apprehensive but decided that being a single mother to two children really couldn't be that much harder than being a single mother to one.

Jacqueline Riedmayer was born about eight months after her father's death. Jill knew that Elwood would have been disappointed to not have a male heir, but she figured it was okay to be a little unconventional.

Both Jack and Jill benefited from Elwood's life insurance policy. The money enabled them to turn the tiny shelter into a larger, more well-appointed dwelling. Due to their hilly property, the house was kind of oddly shaped. The kitchen was very large, so Jack and Johnson slept there until there was money to build a second story. Jill shared her small bedroom with both her daughters, who were fortunately still in cribs.

This is what the outside of the house looked like at the end of the week. It's kind of ungainly now, but I promise it gets prettier later.

I kind of just let things play out as they would at the Riedmayer house this week. I definitely wasn't planning on having Jack get into a relationship at all, much less one with a man, but it's hard to keep a Romance Sim happy without a little...well, romance. I ended up liking Johnson a lot; I honestly like him better than Jill.

I was definitely disappointed first that Elwood only lived long enough to father two children, and second that neither was a boy. However, I've since gotten accustomed to it. Also, he gave me another platinum gravestone despite being a Fortune Sim who only made about $1000 in his entire life.

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  1. Happiness lies in other things than money - even a Fortune sim can be happy penniless :)