Monday, October 8, 2012

Week Five Part Thirteen: Sim State Dormitory + Zeta Zeta Epsilon Greek House

Annie Riedmayer: 18 years old. Aspiration: Popularity. Lifetime want: Become Captain Hero: Astrological sign: Aquarius.
Theresa Dejackome: 21 years old. Aspiration: Romance. Lifetime want: Become Celebrity Chef. Astrological sign: Libra.
Malcolm Landgraab V: 24 years old. Aspiration: Popularity. Lifetime want: Become Media Magnate. Astrological sign: Gemini
Gavin Dejackome: 21 years old. Aspiration: Knowledge. Lifetime want: Become Criminal Mastermind. Astrological sign: Cancer.
Agatha Riedmayer: 19 years old. Aspiration: Romance. Lifetime want: Woohoo 20 Different Sims. Astrological sign: Sagittarius.

Gavin is the last in my wave of Knowledge teens, as you can probably tell.

The Riedmayer family tree. I might have to start breaking it up into subfamilies. Anyway, Annie and Agatha are first cousins, and then Malcolm is Agatha's nephew (even though he's older than she is) and therefore Annie's first cousin once removed.

The Dejackome family tree is much more manageable. Gavin and Theresa were adopted by founder Rivka Dejackome and I pretend that they are twins. Their older sisters are recently married with young families.

Narrated by Gavin Dejackome

My sister Theresa and I ended up getting assigned to the same dorm as three other students from Prosperity Plains. I think the administration puts us all together on purpose. Anyway. As soon as we step out of the taxi Theresa and her boyfriend Mal--they dated in high school--were all over each other. I wouldn't mind that; some people are just into PDAs, but I'm pretty sure Theresa wasn't faithful to him and it bugged me that she was letting him think she wanted to be with him when she was with a bunch of other guys too.

The two other girls were Annie and Agatha Riedmayer. Annie told me that Agatha was her sister, but then later explained that they're first cousins but were raised together and think of themselves as sisters. Considering that I have an aunt who's not my aunt, I don't really care if she wants to say her cousin is her sister.

Annie was pretty sociable, taking the initiative to get to know all the rest of us. Theresa definitely encouraged me to spend time with Annie. I think she thought that if I got a girlfriend I would be less curious about her...extracurricular activities. Like a guy is ever going to stop looking out for his little sister. (She's only 5 minutes younger than I am, but that totally counts.) I did think Annie was quite nice, though.

At one point that first semester Theresa asked me to "help" with her term paper. And then she said she was going to the restroom and didn't come back for an hour. So I didn't help her the second semester.
Meanwhile, Annie was connecting with Ryker Owens, who was currently in charge of ZZE Greek House. Pretty soon all 5 of us were members of the Greek house.

Theresa also managed to make it into the Secret Society during her freshman year, which is a school record. Apparently she's really, really good at making connections with the other students.
I must admit, I'm not sure where Theresa ran off to all the time. I was perhaps getting a tiny bit distracted by Annie after all.

The next year, we all moved to the ZZE house. It was way better than living in the dorms. The food was better, there were state-of-the-art computers for everybody, all sorts of tools to help learn different skills...

There were even a bunch of clothes left over from previous residents. Nobody had had the money to go shopping, so they eagerly raided the dressers and took what they wanted.

Time passed pretty uneventfully. We learned things, we all got into the secret society, we all eventually made Big Sim on Campus.

About halfway through our time at college, Mal and Theresa got engaged. I worried that they were going to regret it.

Theresa claimed that she had told Mal about her other lovers, but I'm not sure I believe that. She also said that she wasn't with anyone else after she and Mal got engaged. From the way she talked after that, I worried that she had picked Mal over her other lovers because he was rich, not because she actually loved him.

Anyway. I suppose that might have put the idea in my head, because within a year I had asked Annie to do me the honor of becoming Mrs. Dejackome, and to my immense delight, she accepted. I was blissfully happy.

Both of my older sisters had recently given birth, so they were unable to come meet Annie, but Aunt Melanie came. She and Annie hit it off right away.

Theresa asked a guy named Douglas to join our Greek House near the end of our time at college. I wasn't going to ask, but she made a point anyway of telling me that she never slept with him. He seemed very academically minded, at any rate, so I rather liked him.

Douglas Long
S4 skin, black hair, green eyes
Aspiration: Knowledge
Lifetime want: Become Prestidigitator (of course)
Astrological sign: Sagittarius

Even though he was several years behind the rest of us, he joined our study sessions and was actually quite helpful.

Just before graduation we had a toga party to which we invited as many of our family and friends as could come.

Then came graduation. It was easy for the five of us from Prosperity Plains; we were all moving back with our families or our future in-laws.

Ryker was the last to leave the Greek house. He wanted to stay in the area, but didn't want to move in with any of his friends and burden them--I doubt he would have been a burden to anyone, but I can understand that desire to stand on one's own two feet. Fortunately, Ryker found out a few months after graduation that his application for his own plot of land in Prosperity Plains had been approved. All the rest of us pooled our money and gave him some things to help furnish his new home, since he wouldn't have a lot of money to start out with. Maybe that was wrong, considering how strongly he felt about independence, but we had all become such good friends in our time together that not helping each other out at least a little was unthinkable.


1. I was going to post pictures of the Greek House, but now I think I will do a more detailed tour in a separate post. It has changed radically over the years, but at the same time it doesn't change in the same way as the other houses in the neighborhood. 

2. I never would have thought that I could do a college post with a first-person narrator, but I think it actually  worked. I think it's funny that Gavin is so very different from Corbin, who narrated the post before this one.

3. I glossed over a lot of Theresa's escapades in the narrative, so here's a recap: I decided that I was going to shoot for her impossible want (30 simultaneous lovers) before she hit the end of her sophomore year, so that I could change her aspiration and get the prosperity challenge points for TWO impossible wants. So I had her purchase the cheapest community lot in Bluewater, threw in a double bed, and had her start inviting over every single guy she knew. (I used the college directory and the "network" business perk to get her more acquaintances.) She did manage to hit 30 lovers in time to change her aspiration to Fortune (new LTW: Become City Planner). I am so never doing that again, though.

Poor Agatha got neglected as a result of my getting burned out with Theresa; she had an affair with a professor but otherwise didn't get to do anything Romance-y. 

4. Ryker got a lot of stuff because I wanted to keep GH funds below 20k. I think they only take away funds if there's less than 20k per resident, but I am a control freak so I keep it below 20k just in case. Ryker was the only one who wanted for anything, since everyone else really did move back to established houses.


  1. You wrote an interesting and entertaining post there about college life, which can so easily become boring for the player, thank you!
    I guess I am not the only one looking forward to the Greek House tour :-)
    When one of my Sims graduate and is ready to move back to New Maximiliania, I fill their inventory with things worth the grant money they had received during their "years" at uni; they spend so little while they live at a dorm or at a rented house.
    30 simultaneous lovers??? I never heard of that - I know, of course, of the 20 lovers one, and several of my Sims have that.

  2. I'm glad it was interesting, thanks! :)

    For the first few rounds I was able to use the grant money to fancify the Greek House, but now it is pretty much impossible to cram anything else onto the lot. I forced this batch to be very Communist, though, and give the most stuff to the one who had the least money. :) Right now I am just finishing up Week Six's college play session (I had gotten more than a round behind in my updates and am trying to catch up; I have to write a Kules update before I'll let myself finish up the college round and go on) and half of the Sims in the Greek House are Fortune. Whenever the funds go above 20k, I see who has a "Buy X" want, buy it for them, and stick it in their inventory. I might redistribute the wealth after they graduate, though. (I also have one Pleasure Sim in that house who has 4 or 5 bubble blowers in her inventory because she keeps rolling the want to buy one but I refuse to have one on the lot. It wastes too much time.)

    Sorry to ramble, I don't have the time to write a short comment. :)

    1. Totally agree with you about the bubble blowers! I usually don't allow them on my lots, either - and yet there is Ty Bubbler who has recently opened a shop in the neighbourhood called "Bubbler's Bubbles", and guess what he sells there... :-) In case you haven't seen it yet, the relevant post is here:

    2. I had seen that. Ty's businesses are all very amusing. :)

  3. Bubble blowers are good for fun, but I agree they can be annoying, especially in cold weather when the sims won't leave it until they are frozen.
    I really liked Gavin's voice, he sounds like a nice guy!
    And - many many congratulations on reaching the Romance IW - before sophomore end!! I never even did it until the end of a sims life! (OR did I? Maybe with Cristopher Bardh, the notorious womanizer)

    1. I am glad Gavin sounds like a nice guy! I think he can be a little controlling, but in his case it is motivated from love--to him it seems obvious what is the best thing to do, and he doesn't understand why his sister would want to forge her own path instead of following the "best" path. (Recall that she is the only Romancer in a family of Knowledge Sims.)

      I might have to tie that in to Gavin's Criminal Mastermind want later on...he is the sort of criminal who actually wants good things to happen to people, but he disagrees with "the establishment" on what is the right thing to do, and he is independent minded enough that he doesn't care if he commits crimes as long as they fit within his moral framework.

      Okay, I just read way too much into a little collection of pixels. :)

      I probably wouldn't do that IW again in such a short period of time. It gets very tedious and not at all fun after the fifth or sixth time you queue up hours-long makeout sessions.