Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week Five Part Twelve: The Castle

Corbin Todd, 40 years old. Aspiration: Romance. LTW: Become Professional Party Guest. Astrological sign: Libra.

Instead of giving a family tree for Corbin, I will refer you back to the last post in which he featured.

Excuse me if I eat while we talk. I have to head to work soon.

So, you've heard all about me from that daughter of mine, haven't you? Yeah, she thinks she knows everything. One of these days she'll get old enough that she'll figure out there are two sides to every story.

See, when I met Edith she wanted to be a businesswoman, start up a bunch of shops or whatever and run them all herself. That suited me just fine; I'm not much into the whole 9-to-5 gig so I figured I needed to hook up with somebody who had a steady income. I'd have that, and she'd have somebody to rub her feet--and do other things--after she got home after a long day being all businessy. I treated her right, as long as she gave me plenty of time to pursue my own interests. Granted, my interests involve other women, but I figure a little variety just makes me a better lover, right?

Well, then Edith got all clingy. She didn't want to run businesses any more, she just wanted to go out and do stuff all the time. It was nice for a while, but like I said, I'm not a one-woman man. It got stifling after a few years.

And then she had that kid. I wasn't even done with my degree and she expected me to be all responsible for this brat I hadn't brought into the world. I mean, I contributed, but she was the one who decided to keep the kid. When did I get asked if I wanted a kid? Never. 

But I moved in anyway, tried to do the right thing. Well, that Ingrid was as demanding as her mother. Always wanting stuff, always lecturing me when I had friends over while she was at school. I don't need lectures from a five-year-old, you know? And Edith didn't stop at one kid. No, there were two kids, and then three, and then a fourth on the way, and at that point I gotta admit I kind of checked out mentally.

So she caught me with Audrey, and maybe that wasn't totally an accident, but I had to get away from her nagging and demanding and all those kids. So she kicked me out, but I managed to snag a bit of land of my own. There are really complicated laws about who can and can't own land here.

And then Audrey came and told me she was pregnant and it was mine. She'd only been with two people around the time she got pregnant. One of them was a woman and one of them was me. So, she figured she knew who the father was. 

That did not thrill me, let me tell you. I just got away from Edith and her litter of brats and here was another lady trying to saddle me with a kid. 

But Audrey was a smart one. We worked out a mutually beneficial arrangement. She'd set me up with some light work with her old boss if I hooked her up with old man Landgraab and his questionable business dealings. I'm not sure why that guy wanted his stepdaughter's baby daddy's other woman working for him, but Audrey got herself in. 

Meanwhile, we'd have an open relationship. She wouldn't give me grief if I had a few ladies on the side, and I wouldn't give her grief if she kept in touch with her lady friend. She did draw the line at setting up a threesome with the aforementioned lady friend. Too bad.
So Charles was born a few months later. Audrey named him. I don't care. 
I did change a diaper or two--I'm not that heartless, to let a kid sit in his own stink--though mostly we had a nanny for that.

After a while of being--well, I guess you'd call it a socialite--I started thinking that working wasn't so bad, but I wanted to get into a field where I'd have a few more adoring fans. So I went into athletics. 

I used the extra money I earned to take a much-needed vacation. It was cold and the kid was whiny and Audrey managed to get pregnant again--really, it was serious deja vu--so I figured I deserved it. Picked up some nice non-local ladies while I was there. The nice thing about vacation hookups is that you never have to see those girls again.

Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but I'm going to be late for work. Wouldn't want to keep the adoring fans waiting on the awesomeness that is Corbin Todd, am I right?

Some Charles spam, since I didn't get to incorporate many pictures of him into the update. So far he seems to be a mini-Corbin with Audrey's nose, which is actually an improvement. (Corbin's nose is definitely not his best feature.)

And here is a cute picture of Charles dancing. He loves that stereo.

Charles King is only 1 Sim-day younger than his half brother Charles Riedmayer. Since gave them March and September birthdays respectively, storyline-wise they're six months apart, which actually kind of makes sense if you assume Edith was between 3 and 6 months pregnant when she kicked Corbin out.

I thought it would be funny to have half brothers both named Charles, just to showcase how clueless Corbin is about his children. (He didn't meet Charles Riedmayer until he was a teen.) Now I'm thinking it's just going to be annoying. Oh well.

The house at the end of the week. It's pretty basic: A combo kitchen/living room, a bedroom, an office/nursery, and two bathrooms. Audrey's Diva money didn't go very far.

I'm thinking of switching the pool for a pond. It'd make a better-looking moat and it'd probably be cheaper.
They keep most of their skill objects on the roof. The red sports car is Corbin's; he bought it with Edith's money and brought it with him in the separation. (He is so lucky there's no child support in Prosperity Plains.) The black car is Audrey's. (That might be why her Diva money didn't go far.)


  1. This guy really thinks he is god's gift to womankind, doesn't he :-D
    Too bad he does not think about contraception...
    Switching the pool for a pond will indeed be cheaper, plus give them the possibility to do some fishing and stock up their fridge without having to pay for it :-)

    1. I'm glad I seem to have gotten into character successfully, even if it's a slimy character. :) Sometimes the outrageous ones are the ones who are really fun to write...precisely because you can be kind of outrageous.

      He makes such pretty babies I'm having a hard time with him being done at 6, but he's been rolling baby fears and my population needs some control. I should get caught up (I'm a whole round behind in blogging! Playing is so much more fun!) so I can post pictures of his grown children. (Well, right now there's 1 YA and 3 teens.)

    2. P.S. The picture at the beginning of the post is actually exactly what he's doing at this moment in my game. I didn't have any good mug shots of him so I went in and he was indeed making cereal with the "Go to work" action next in his queue. It would have been too much trouble to dress him and then take his picture, so I just went with the shirtless look. He's the kind of person who wouldn't mind having a picture taken while he's in his swim trunks.

    3. Yes, from how you describe him, that sounds very much like him - not minding anyone looking at him while he is preparing his breakfast, wearing nothing but his swimming trunks! :-D

  2. Romancers ARE fun. It took a long while before I learned to play them, but now I love them.
    I did have a deja-vu moment with Charles, thinking, "huh, didn't we just have one of those?"
    I think it's only natural to have more people than one with the same first name in a hood. And it happens quite a lot in Mattsmyra, despite the different randomizations I do :)

    1. I don't even have the excuse of the randomizer telling me to do it. :) I think in the future I will limit myself to naming babies after their dead ancestors, to reduce confusion.