Saturday, November 3, 2012

Week Six Part Two: Dejackome Place

Melanie Tse: 50 years old. Aspiration: Knowledge. LTW: Max All Skills. (Fulfilled: Become Game Designer.) Astrological sign: Virgo.
Gavin Dejackome: 28 years old. Aspiration: Knowledge. LTW: Become Criminal Mastermind. Astrological sign: Cancer.
Annie Riedmayer: 25 years old. Aspiration: Popularity. LTW: Become Captain Hero. Astrological sign: Aquarius.

For complete family trees, please see the college update. For now, a quick recap:

Gavin is the only son of founder Rivka Dejackome, so of course he has returned to his childhood home after college.
Annie Riedmayer is the elder of Quinton Riedmayer's two daughters, and thus a member of the far smaller second branch of the massive Riedmayer family (the other branch containing Elwood's numerous descendants). She is Gavin's fiancee and thus came with him after college rather than moving back to her own childhood home.
Melanie Tse was close friends with the late Rivka Dejackome and became a live-in nanny to the children, which was fortunate since Rivka died before any of them became teens. She also served as placeholder while Gavin was away at college. 
Since the prosperity challenge rules dictate that college graduates can move in with a) a relative (or maybe just a parent?) or b) a best friend, and since Melanie is not actually Gavin's relative, I made sure that they remained BFFs throughout his college years. Gavin moved in with his BFF Melanie, and then Annie was able to move in with her BFF Gavin. 

"Role Reversal"

Narrated by Melanie Tse

Gavin and Annie ended up being able to leave Sim City earlier than they thought, so they arrived about half an hour after I left for work. (I'm a substitute teacher.) When they arrived, they were apparently terrified that I was lying dead or injured somewhere because the yard looked so terrible...old newspapers piled up, weeds everywhere...After they checked the house and didn't see me, they got to work cleaning things up, even though it was raining fairly hard at the time.

As soon as I reassured them that I was not dead, they started planning their wedding. It was held early the following year: Saturday, February 9, 2047.

They are a lovely couple, obviously very devoted, and I knew that they would be very happy together.

They also have a sense of humor, which is always important in a marriage.
This might sound crazy, but I had the strangest feeling that Rivka was somehow watching the wedding herself, from wherever she is now.
Outtake: I can only invite 5 or 6 people using the "Throw Party" option, so I did a regular "Call > Invite Over" for several guests. Some asked if they could bring friends and I thought, "Why not? The more, the merrier!"

This is why not. I didn't see what led up to this slap-fest, but I'm assuming Theresa interacted romantically with her fiance, Malcolm (they're three-bolt lovers and can't keep their hands off each other), and Dog Face there got mad because he thought the one-time fling he had with Theresa when she was at college actually MEANT something.

Since money was a bit tight, Gavin and Annie decided to go to Three Lakes for their honeymoon--it's just a couple of days' drive away, or a very short flight. We ended up flying because Gavin didn't think my old bones could handle that much time in the car. Yes, he insisted that his old auntie come along on his honeymoon. I expected Annie to object, but she was all for it. I decided to be flattered rather than insulted, though I suspect they secretly think I'm a child and can't be left home alone for a week.

We managed to rent a lovely two-bedroom cabin, just right for the three of us.

I probably could have spent a whole week just relaxing in the cabin, but we did take in some local sights. Annie was much better than I at the log rolling thing...

I got the hang of slap dancing pretty quickly, though.

I must admit, though, that my favorite thing about Three Lakes was the deep tissue massage.

Gavin and Annie said that their favorite part was the sauna.

We had heard from Jeannie about the Bigfoot...excuse me, Sasquatch...oppression that went on in Three Lakes. When we met Christian there, of course we had to apply to have him move back to Prosperity Plains with us. Our application was accepted, and he moved in with us and took over Gavin's old bed. (Not Gavin's old room, though, since we'd renovated after Gavin and Annie moved back.)

For some reason, Gavin and Annie weren't able to find jobs in their desired fields right away. I had a job as a substitute teacher, so I managed to support us all right during that period, but it was difficult. (Christian couldn't find a job either. He wanted to get into education so that he could teach future generations the truth about Sasquatches.)

Annie spent most of her time networking, hoping one of her many friends would be able to give her some help. Gavin worked on honing his skills so he could impress potential employers.

Gavin finally got a job with Malcolm Landgraab's imports business in late 2049. He seems to enjoy it very much.

With our income newly increased, Gavin and Annie felt free to try for a baby and were immediately successful.

(Annie actually got pregnant long before that--I think on the honeymoon--but again, I am trying to make Sim-pregnancies seem realistic lengths.)

Their daughter was born on October 25, 2050. They named her Rivka Anne Dejackome. She ended up with her mother's brown eyes and her father's red hair; it made her look a great deal like her aunt Theresa.

After little Rivka was born, Gavin decided to get back in shape. He had put on a bit of weight in college and I think he was self-conscious about it. It was a little funny that Annie had no trouble losing her baby weight but Gavin was working so hard on losing his after the baby.

Gavin had 8 or 9 body points the whole time he was fat, and now he has 10, so he'd better not get fat again--especially since he has only about one bolt with Annie and she is turned off by fatness.
Gavin helped me lose some weight too; I'd put on quite a few pounds over the years without really realizing it.

Christian managed to get a job lecturing at a university, but Annie still hadn't managed to find a job in law enforcement. So she was a stay-at-home mother to Rivka while the rest of us worked outside the home. Before we knew it, Rivka was a beautiful little toddler. I think I see more of her father in her as she grows, but it's hard to tell at her age.
Annie and Gavin both wanted a fairly large family, and they decided that since Annie was at home anyway she might as well have another child, so that she would not want to go on maternity leave as soon as she got a job. However, it took some time for her to conceive the second time. She found out she was pregnant again shortly before little Rivka turned 3 years old.
Annie's second pregnancy was very different from her first. She was hungry all the time and craved rich foods like cheesecake. When she was about 4 months along she found out that she is having twins! I suppose that explains it; growing two babies requires more food than growing one. We're all looking forward to their arrival early next spring.
This is the house at the end of the week. Everything to the left of the flowerbed is new, and the bedroom portion inside is extensively renovated. Melanie has her own double bed in the back bedroom there, and then Gavin and Annie and Rivka all share the largest front bedroom for now. Then there's the study, Christian's room, and an empty room. (The pink bed used to be Theresa's; no sense getting rid of it when Rivka will need one of her own soon.)

Once they have a little more money, I will probably bump out the kitchen/dining/living area to be level with Melanie's room, just because I like my Sims to have plenty of room to maneuver.

And here is the outside. It looks a little funny, but I still like it. I spent quite a while getting the roof just right, since the wall bumps out one space there to the left of the flowerbed.

Other than job woes, this week was pretty boring for the Dejackome/Tse/Bigfoot household.. Next week we get to find out whether one of Annie's twins will be the Generation 3 Dejackome heir or whether she will have to try again. (I haven't started playing Week 7 yet, because real life has gotten in the way, so I don't know any more than you do!)

(If Annie and Gavin don't have a boy in their third pregnancy, I will let them stop and just have one of the girls be heir.)


  1. Ah, Three Lakes! Every time I read on someone else's blog that they have sent their Sims on vacation, I want to send mine, too - and then, when I am playing, I either forget about it or I can't be bothered (because it would of course make the round much longer).
    I have never had a Bigfoot live in my neighbourhood, so maybe that is something I should give a try.

    1. Three Lakes is especially handy for poor Sims. If they go to the campground, tents and hot dogs are free. I don't remember if I mentioned this in my post, but when Jeannie and Tim went they were so poor they had to "freestyle for tips" to get money to go on tours. (They actually made a lot, since they both had high creativity.) You could put campgrounds in the other vacation areas, but I find building a pain. Plus it just seems more realistic for poorer Sims to be forced to go to the closest place. (I live in Ohio, so I sort of imagine that Prosperity Plains is in one of the rural patches of Ohio, Three Lakes is in the Smoky Mountains region, Twikki Island is in the Caribbean, and Takemizu Village is in Japan.)

      I haven't had any trouble with my two Bigfoots. (Bigfeet?) They more than earn their keep.

  2. Nice to see the next generation take place in the hood!