Sunday, February 3, 2013

I made a banner!

Hey, everybody! I hope you didn't miss me. We've been a) busy and b) sick over here in real life, so I haven't had much time for Simming. But look up there for what I made!

The banner is currently the Riedmayer-Landgraab family in 2053. I'll probably change it once a round or so. I wish I could get it to stretch the width of the blog, but it's disappointingly grainy when it's blown up anyway. I might have to check my camera settings and see if they got bumped down when I installed new stuff.

Speaking of, I have Pets and Kitchen and Bath stuff now. (Courtesy of my husband's grandparents, who sent me cash for Christmas. They're the best.) I don't have Apartment Life yet, but we'll see what happens.

Hopefully things will slow down around here and I'll have more time for real blogging soon.

For anyone who's curious, the banner pictures:

Top from left: Edith Riedmayer, Thomas Dai, Francine Whitfill, Jihoon Whitfill, Blake Whitfill, Millie Whitfill, Malcolm Landgraab V holding Malcolm Landgraab VI, Theresa Dejackome holding Melinda Landgraab, Marion Landgraab holding Michael Landgraab, Maggie Landgraab, Greg Pons, Joan Pons.

Center from left: Ingrid Riedmayer, Charles Riedmayer, Elijah Whitfill, Tamara Whitfill, Beata Riedmayer-Landgraab, Malcolm Landgraab IV, Jeannie Pons, Gabriel Pons, Edward Pons, Brian Pons.

Bottom from left: Todd Riedmayer, Fritz Riedmayer, Lauren Whitfill, River Whitfill, Landon Whitfill, Ginny Whitfill, Douglas Long, Sarah Long, Joseph Pons, Seth Pons.

P.S. Credit goes to Carla at Sullivan Sims for pointing me towards pretty much every piece of custom content that I used to create the banner. Most of the custom hairs are from Almighty Hat, but a few are from Garden of Shadows.


  1. Sorry to hear you were sick! Sometimes real life takes over; I have not had as much time for Sims as I would have liked over the last week, but this week should be better again.

    Nice banner, and what a huge family! I guess if I tried to put all the half-Alien kids in my 'hood and their fathers and other siblings in one picture it would be a similarly large group :-)