Saturday, March 16, 2013

Week Six Part Eleven: The Academy

Veronica Whitfill: 35 years old. Aspiration: Fortune. LTW: Become Hall of Famer. (Fulfilled: Become Prestidigitator.) Astrological sign: Libra.
Rishell Whitfill: 35 years old. Aspiration: Knowledge. LTW: Max All Skills. Astrological sign: Pisces.

The Whitfill family tree is still quite straightforward. We've already visited the twins' three older brothers this round. (In parts four, eight, and nine.)

"Rainy day"
narrated by Rishell Whitfill

One day, Ronnie and I were sitting around eating breakfast when I suddenly got an idea. So I said, "You know that money we've been saving for a rainy day? Well, it's raining now. Let's go on vacation."

So we did. Our brother Donte had gone on his honeymoon to the Far East and told us all about what a fascinating place it was. I think Veronica would rather have followed our brother Blake's recommendation and spent a week lying around on the beaches of Twiiki Island, but I won out this time. We'll go to Twiiki Island next time it rains and we have some spare cash lying around.

Ronnie managed to enjoy herself anyway...or so I gather, based on the fact that she had this ridiculous grin on her face half the time we were there.

I ended up making friends with this local woman, who even stopped by for a visit one day when she happened to be in the States anyway. I like her a lot, and I think if I asked her she'd go for settling down and starting a family, but when I'm honest with myself I realize that I'm just not ready to move on from Jill. I know, deep down, that our relationship will never be more than it is, but the desire I've had lately to start a family isn't strong enough yet for me to just wash my hands of her and move on.

Anyway. My love life isn't the best, but I'm still doing really well in other areas. I managed to get a perfect score on my SKILL test--Donte did that years ago, and I couldn't let him one-up me.
I also became known as an "ecological guru" because of some books I'd written. I think next I'd like to go into medicine...I think my research could really help come up with cures and vaccinations for some of the deadly diseases that pass through from time to time. (My biological parents were killed by guinea pig flu, did I ever mention that? Ronnie and I were just babies and Blake was a toddler.)
Veronica did well too. She had been a competitive boxer for many years (you wouldn't think, she's so tiny and sweet, but she has a mean right hook) and then a coach, and a few years back she was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Now she says that she'd like to get out of the limelight a bit, maybe do something in the science field, like me or our sister-in-law Millie.

After a while, we had saved up enough money to finish the big house we'd started for ourselves. We don't need the room, really, but who wouldn't want to live in a mansion and feel like a princess if they could? Plus, it gave us enough room to invite over our brothers from time to time. They're all so busy with their kids that they don't have as much time to plan and prep for parties, but Ronnie and I have tons of time and now tons of space, so we can have our whole extended family over as often as we'd like. I think Mom would have liked how we've all stayed close over the years.

I left their little studio apartment much as it was, because I didn't see any reason not to. 

Just across the lawn, they have their mansion: Kitchen, dining room, living room/front hall, hobby room, and a secret room behind the stairs for the cowplant. 

Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms, a whole bunch of bathrooms, a workout room, and a computer room. 

On the third floor is a laboratory.

I am not at all satisfied with the outside of the mansion. Any tips for getting that roofline to cooperate would be much appreciated.


1. Rishell's lady friend actually got invited over because I needed to lock her in an empty room until she started doing Tai Chi so that somebody could finally learn it. (That method works much better than just hanging around the Far East for days, incidentally.) I would let them get together, but Far East Girl is a Family Sim and the population of this town just doesn't need that.

2. Rishell had enough lifetime aspiration points to roll a secondary aspiration of Family, which is why she's suddenly started to think about settling down. I'm happy because it means I can start distributing Comfort Soup among the Whitfill families. 

3. Rishell fulfilled her LTW and IW: Max All Skills. Her new LTW is to become Chief of Staff. She's also topped two careers: First Mad Scientist, and now Ecological Guru.

4. Veronica fulfilled her second LTW and third TOC when she became Hall of Famer. (Previously, she wanted to be Prestidigitator and also became a Rock God.) She's giving her brother Donte a run for his money when it comes to topping careers. 

Otherwise, this household was super duper boring. I might have to have Rishell adopt a kid just so I'm not so bored. 


  1. The mansion is quite impressive! I imagine it takes away some of the boredom to have them invite their brothers and their families over :-)

  2. Family Sundays and other big parties are always nice to break the boredom!