Thursday, March 21, 2013

Week Six Part Thirteen: Enterprise Park

Ryker Owens: 39 years old. Aspiration: Fortune. LTW: Become Prestidigitator. Astrological sign: Gemini. 

No family tree this time. Ryker was the Greek House placeholder a while back and is currently not related to anybody, though that will almost certainly change soon. :)

narrated by Ryker Owens

So, y'all want to hear about my life? There's not much to tell, I guess. I've been friends with Tim since we were little and in a group home together, and the story of how I came to Prosperity Plains is about the same as his, 'cept I was more friends with Rishell than with her brothers, and I didn't end up marrying anybody. Not yet, anyhow.

After I graduated from Sim State I did move back to Prosperity Plains, on account of the fact that all my friends lived there. Didn't really have anywhere else to go. I'm interested in the performing arts and Tim put in a good word for me at the club where he had worked for a while, but at the moment they don't have any openings. So I got a job as an adjunct back at Sim State. Funny, isn't it, how it's easier to get a job teaching drama than it is to actually perform?

I tried to foster as many friendships as I could...when people asked me if I wanted to go downtown, I went. I figure a lonely guy like me needs all the connections he can get.

I also kept in touch with my Greek House "siblings" and all their various siblings and cousins and what have you. A bunch of new kids from Prosperity Plains had just started at Sim State, and I made sure to give them tips on how to get into good old ZZE. I hope it ends up meaning as much to them as it did to me.

Ryker's house at the end of the week. I don't know why I made it blue. It just seemed like a good idea at the time.

Upstairs is a bedroom/study and a bathroom.

I like the way the exterior turned out.


1. I didn't actually take any notes. Single Sims are very boring, especially when they're too poor to go on vacation.

EDITED TO ADD: CC credit: In the introductory picture, Ryker's eyes are Philadelpia Story by Juri Anne, used as default blue. I also have Set 1 as custom eyes, though nobody in Prosperity Plains has custom eyes (as far as I know). You'll see more CC credits as I go along.


  1. The house looks nice, inside and out! Hopefully, Ryker will find some nice lady... or at least earn enough money to go on holiday soon :-)

    1. Notice how I did NOT post the loading screen picture at the beginning of the update? That is because I forgot at the time, and now I cannot correct my mistake because the loading screen has a spoiler in it. :)

    2. Aha! I think I can guess in what direction this is going ;-)

  2. Ryker seems to have a non-boring life, even if he's boring to play :)