Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Round 7 mini-update: The Riedmayer-Kules wedding (2053)

Narrated by Gretchen Kules

Jaden and I got married in December of the year we graduated from college. I spent a few months bunking with Agatha at my parents' house, and Jaden stayed at his parents' and oversaw the construction of our new place.

We had a good-sized crowd at the wedding, between my family, Jaden's family, and our friends. The crowd included my niece and nephew, who were both right around three years old at the time. Jaden's niece Priscilla was 11, and she was perfectly happy to play with the little kids and keep them from running off instead of sitting still and watching the ceremony.

I could tell Jaden was really moved by the ceremony. His parents have never married and have a weird sort of relationship, so doing marriage "right" was very important to him.

I think I might have gotten a little choked up myself when he slid the ring onto my finger.
And then we were officially Mr. and Mrs. Kules.

After the ceremony we posed for some group shots while the rest of our guests rearranged the yard.

We didn't have a full meal; just cake and little snacks. Jaden was very polite about feeding me the cake, which is good because this dress cost more than anything else I own and I wouldn't want it to get stained.

Jaden's brother, Darius, was the best man and he made a toast that was very touching--he's a lot older than Jaden, so he remembers what Jaden was like when he was small.

My sister Annie was matron of honor and she made a toast too...with sparkling cider, since she was 6 months pregnant at the time.

Then we had a bit of dancing before everybody went home to eat their dinner.

More posed pics:

Here's Gretchen's family, just like the picture above but with the addition of Jackie's boyfriend, Ryker.

From left: Jill Smith, Agatha Riedmayer holding Andrew Riedmayer, Ryker Owens, Jacqueline Riedmayer, Jaden Kules, Gretchen Kules, Annie Dejackome, Gavin Dejackome holding Rivka Dejackome, Johnson Simpson.

Here's Jaden's family.

From left: Alexis Kules, Ryan Cho, Brittanie Kules, Jaden Kules, Gretchen Kules, Darius Kules, Elise Kules, Silas Kules, and Priscilla Kules.

The wedding party.

From left: Silas Kules (groomsman, nephew of the groom), Douglas Long (groomsman, friend of the couple), Darius Kules (best man, brother of the groom), Jaden Kules, Gretchen Kules, Annie Dejackome (matron of honor, sister of the bride), Agatha Riedmayer (bridesmaid, "sister"/cousin of the bride), and Jacqueline Riedmayer ("sister"/cousin of the bride).

And the ZZE class of 2052/3: Ingrid Riedmayer, Sarah Long, Douglas Long, Jaden Kules, Gretchen Kules, Jacqueline Riedmayer, Marion Landgraab, Margaret Landgraab.


1. I am pretty pleased with how the pictures turned out, except I wish I had remembered to adjust my Sims' heights. Let's pretend the short people are wearing thick shoes/high heels. 

2. Custom content! Gretchen's hair is Rite of Passage by Almighty Hat and Sarah's hair is Hero's Sister, also by Almighty Hat. 

Gretchen's dress is from the "Romantic English Regency" set by iamliz13 at Mod the Sims. The bridesmaids are wearing a recolor of the same dress from the "Regency Maxis-Match Gowns" set by oepu at Mod the Sims. You can't really tell except maybe in the toasting picture, but the dresses have a pregnancy morph, which is pretty much why I downloaded them, so Annie had some decent matron of honor wear. 


  1. Never mind about the height of your adult Sims - the pictures are still great!
    Love the bride's and bridesmaids' dresses. If I weren't so determined to keep my game 100 % CC-free, I'd be very much tempted :-)

  2. How did you get them to wear the same clothes? They all look great, and yes, I saw that the matron of honour was pregnant at the toast shot :)

    1. I think I spent a lot of time popping into people's houses and sending them to the clothing store to buy the correct outfit. And then I made them selectable and changed them using either a dresser or a the clothing tester (which you can spawn via boolprop.)