Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Round 7 Part 7: Riedmayer-Todd Estate (2053-2057)

Edith is 61 years old, Thomas is 51, Todd is 19, Fritz is 15, Charles is 12

narrated by Thomas Dai

Well, Todd went to college a while back.

So now it's just Edith and me and the two younger boys at home.

And sometimes I swear the house is empty, with how quiet it is, and then I find them both sitting in their school uniforms and studying! I sure never did that much studying when I was a teenager.

The only real excitement we've had is when some guy tried to steal our car, but even that wasn't a big deal--the alarm went off, a cop showed up, and the wannabe thief got hauled off to jail.

I was reluctant to leave them after that, but Edith really wanted to go on a sort of delayed honeymoon--we never got one when we were first married--so we went.

I still think we might as well have stayed home. We spent most of the time watching TV.

And *ahem* taking naps.

Edith says she had a great time relaxing, though.

And I can't say I minded having a chance to get caught up on the latest novel.

Plus, we got to eat things that weren't our cooking or takeout pizza! We aren't either of us great cooks, so that was definitely nice.

But as much as I enjoyed the time with just Edith, I was glad to come back to our boys at the end.


1. For those of you just tuning in: Thomas is not the biological father of Edith's kids, but the two younger boys were 3 and not-yet-born when their father left and about 6 and 3 when Thomas came along, so he's the only dad they've ever known.

2. My favorite thing about having custom hairs in my game is that I can do different shades of gray for elders. You might have noticed in my last update that Joan and Greg had dark gray hair while Beata (15 years older and a natural blond) had pure white hair. In this update, I feel like Edith's darker hair helps play down the age gap between her and Thomas. He is quite a bit younger, but not so much that she should have white hair while his is still red!


  1. Short and sweet! Are we going to check on Todd at college next?

    1. The update was short and sweet because not much happened! Rich, happy Sims are kind of boring. :)

      I could do a college update, if I wanted to, but to maintain continuity I think it should wait for 2 more main 'hood posts. (I send my teens in batches, and Todd's cousin Lauren also went to college this round, so we should really see her family before we visit college.)