Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Round 7 Part 8: Paradisio (2053-2057)

Donte is 45, Gretchen is 38, Emerson is 10, and Shelley is 7.

narrated by Emerson Whitfill 

You guys would legitimately not believe how sickeningly cute and boring my life is.

I mean, I hang out with the neighborhood kids...

I play with my sister...

I go to school. That's it.

I think even my dad is bored sometimes--at any rate, he keeps switching jobs. He was a scientist a few years ago, but now he's a chef, and I think that's his fourth or fifth career. I think Mom's on her third. She's a doctor now, and before that she was a teacher, and when I was a baby I think she did something else but I don't remember what that was.

They're not bored with each other, though. When they're not at work they have their little hobbies they do together and they talk to each other and I seriously have no idea what they still have to talk about after twenty-something years.

The only really exciting thing is that I finally became a teenager.

Mom took me shopping for new clothes and helped me learn to use makeup, though she rations the stuff out something awful. What's the point of wearing makeup if it's so "natural" and "subtle" that nobody can tell?

Well, I guess there was also the time I broke Dad's new candy machine, but that was not so much "exciting" as "new carpet coming out of your allowance." Good thing I have a big allowance!


1. I played this household in April of 2013. I'm really just churning out these updates so I can move on to actual recent stuff. All my notes say is that Gretchen became Education Minister at some point this round, rolled the LTW to become Chief of Staff, and got a job as a surgeon. 

2. Emerson is Romance with the LTW to have 20 Loves. Ugh. She's turned on by formalwear and cleaning skill but turned off by cooking skill. I guess she wants somebody who will clean up nice, put on a suit, and take her out to a fancy restaurant!

3. You might notice that the names up top don't have links to profiles. That's because my toddler apparently decided his New Year's resolution involved staying up until 1 a.m. and/or screaming for no apparent reason in the middle of the night. So blogging time has been scarce. I'm working on the profiles and should have them up and linked in the next few days if anyone cares.


  1. I had no idea the candy machine can break - it's never happened in my game! How can that happen? Does the Sim using it has to be at low cooking skill and/or low fun level or something?

    1. I played this lot so long ago I honestly have no idea, but I would guess low skill.

  2. Oh no, the 20 Loves LTW is the worst one in the game by far! Any sim of mine who gets that...well, look forward to an unfulfilled life, my dear sim! For Emerson's sake, hopefully you're a bit kinder, lol!

    1. I think 50 _ Dates is right up there. (I've done 50 Dream Dates and that was a pain; haven't tried 50 1st Dates yet but I have one collegiate and one new grad with that want so I'll have to get cracking.)

      Emerson is lucky enough to live in a challenge where I "have" to fulfill her LTW. The Sims in my BACC are not so lucky. >:)