Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Round 7 Part 14: Long Beach (2053-2057)

Douglas is 32, Sarah is 24

narrated by Douglas Long

Sarah and I decided not to go on a honeymoon after we got married--neither of us had a job lined up so we didn't want to spend our money too fast, and anyway we lived right on the beach. It was just like a vacation but without the part where you forget your toothbrush.

I think we both enjoyed being lazy for a while after all the hard work of college.

But we weren't completely idle--for one thing, I took up swimming laps in the cove so that I could work off all of Sarah's amazing cooking!

It's a good thing I was in shape, too, since right when our money was about to run out I got picked up by a talent scout and cast in one of the leading roles in this movie about a starving artist, an heiress, and a playboy caught up in a love triangle. (I'm the starving artist. It's a role I can sympathize with for sure!) There was more travel involved in the job than I would like, but beggars can't be choosers.

The timing was especially lucky since right after I signed the contract, Sarah found out she was pregnant! I was on location for most of the pregnancy, unfortunately, so Sarah's mom came over a lot to keep her company and help out on days when she wasn't feeling well.

About two weeks before the baby was due I heard that the studio was looking to retain a lawyer--apparently movie making involves jumping through a lot of legal hoops--and of course I pointed Sarah in that direction. She had a Skype interview since she was far too pregnant to travel and actually managed to get the job! They were even willing to push back her start date by 8 weeks so she could have some time to focus on the baby first.

Sarah ended up having about 7 weeks of maternity leave since the baby came a little early--in fact, she went into labor the morning after I arrived back from filming!

The baby was a girl and we named her Susan. She has her mother's gray eyes and if you ask me she's just as beautiful.

The first thing Sarah did once she was back on her feet was have a little photo shoot with her mom and grandma--baby Susan makes four generations of lovely ladies and since Sarah's grandma has been in declining health of late Sarah didn't want to procrastinate.


1. Douglas' work-related travel is of course entirely made up. But having Rock Gods and famous actors and so forth living full-time in a town that's characterized as being very small and rural makes no sense. So Douglas gets some imaginary travel.

2. Since Sims have disproportionately long pregnancies, Sarah actually got pregnant on her wedding night, as I mentioned in the mini update. Which means that she was pregnant for over two years of real life time! Poor thing.

3. Pretend that Sarah is wearing something more professional in the picture of her imaginary Skype interview. Or don't. I mean, if people only see you from the collarbone up do you really need pants?

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  1. That's the nice thing about writing our Sims' stories - we can make up, add to or leave out of what actually happened in gameplay whatever we like :-)
    And if the pictures match the story, even better!
    Good to know Sarah and Douglas will be financially more secure from now on.