Saturday, October 15, 2011

Introducing the Dejackome Family

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with EA Games, nor am I being compensated for my efforts. I just like the game.

Note: I am going to be writing part of this "in character" and then part of it not in character. I will indicate that by differences in text color.

Rivka Dejackome has always tried to do the right thing and make people happy. She married young. She was a good, loyal wife. The only thing she couldn't do was give her husband children, and he wouldn't adopt because he wanted to pass on his genes. Pass on his genes he did, over the years, though none of his many children shared his surname.

Then he died, and rather than being a dutiful wife and pining away, Rivka gathered up her savings and bought a parcel of land in Prosperity Plains. She hopes to be able to finally adopt children and have someone who loves her unconditionally, but financial strain and her own deteriorating health might crush her dreams yet again.

I got Rivka's name from a random name generator, and I love it. It really helped me develop her personality for some reason. (She's very sociable, but has depths she doesn't really reveal to anyone and a hidden reserve of spunk.)

She's Family aspiration and a Cancer (very balanced overall, but a little shy). Her lifetime want is to have 6 grandchildren. That'll happen if everything works out the way I hope, but not until long after she's dead, sadly. I'll have to name one of her grandchildren after her so I don't lose that awesome name.

In my head, I pronounce Rivka with short vowels and a slightly gutteral k. Her last name I pronounce Dee-jah-comb or Dee-zhah-comb. I toyed with having it be Dee-zhah-comb-eh, which sounded vaguely French, but gave up on that in favor of the simpler pronunciation.

Her property is on the west side of town and is called Dejackome Place. P.S. After I created her, I was reading the forums associated with this challenge and realized I could have rerolled this family, since it had only elders. But now I like Rivka and Larita (who you'll meet in a later post) too much to roll them away.

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