Thursday, October 20, 2011

Week One Part Two: Dejackome Place

Rivka Dejackome's first few years in her new home were extremely difficult. She was trying to save up enough money to adopt some children, so she refrained from building herself a house. She slept under the stars and went to the gym in the nearby village whenever she needed a bath. Meanwhile, she got a job as a playground monitor, but lost it due to poor performance. (When you're an old woman, sleeping under the stars is not cool. It's just uncomfortable and therefore makes you cranky.) Since she was surviving off the free lunches provided for her at work, and since she still had not saved up enough money to adopt, she got another job right away--she doesn't remember what. It was just a job. Unfortunately, an unlucky chance caused
her to lose that job as well.

This time of her life was not all glum, however. Rivka made some new friends, such as her neighbor Larita Whitfill and a lovely young lady from the nearby college named Melanie Tse. One day, Rivka woke up from an uncomfortable nap on the grass to find that Melanie had caught dozens of fireflies in jars and lined them up along the sidewalk--it was a beautiful and heartening sight.

After she lost her second job and before she started at her third, Rivka broke down and had a meal at a so happened that the cheapest thing on the menu was chocolate cake. Rivka didn't mind making a meal out of that.

Not long afterwards, Rivka's resistance to spending her meager savings broke down entirely and she paid for the construction of a tiny shelter. She purchased a bed, a fridge, a toilet, and a shower. It was enough to provide for her needs, for which she was thankful, but now her savings were entirely gone and she still had not fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a mother.

The first week with Rivka was rough and stressful for me to play, and there was nothing I could do about it because I'd set the precedent by playing the Kules for an entire week. Fortunately, by the time I played Rivka again, things were looking much brighter for her. But that will have to wait for the next installment.

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