Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week One Part One: Kules Korner

Brittanie and Darius Kules moved into their new home on a Monday morning. They were only able to afford a very small, temporary dwelling. Brittanie immediately decided to get a job, but nothing too strenuous. She found a computer listing for a golf caddy and took it. Darius wasn't sure what kind of job he wanted; when he saw that the SimCity Llamas were looking for a new waterboy he jumped on the opportunity. Professional atheletes can make a lot of money, after all, and everybody's got to start somewhere.
That afternoon, he went off to his first day of work while Brittanie chatted with some neighbors who had come to visit.

The very next evening, Brittanie started checking out the clubs in the nearest city.

Soon, she had met Malcolm Langraab IV and decided that he would be her first conquest in this new town. However, they stayed on the sidewalk rather than heading to the bedroom. (Taking it to the bedroom is hard when you don't have one...)

At the end of the first term at his new school, Darius was pulling a D+ average. So Brittanie sat him down and forced him to do his homework properly. Darius complied meekly; his boss had just told him that if he didn't pull his grades up he'd be dropped from the work-study program.

However, it wasn't all work for Darius. When his mother worked weekends, he invited over Elise Kalson, a girl he'd met at school, and got to know her a little better.

This is the Kules house at exactly 8:01 a.m. Monday, after 1 week of play. (The clock never stops at 8:00 exactly. It's annoying.) Brittanie is writing a novel and Darius is talking to Elise on the phone. (If he and Elise weren't such a cute couple, I'd be mad at them for foiling my plan to set Darius up with one of the Riedmayer twins. But he wanted his first kiss and they were friends; what could I do?)

Note that I made a second room for the beds. That's essential, because that stupid phone rings day and night and wakes them up unless they've got a wall in between.

Although I find Brittanie's active social life kind of exhausting, I like playing the Kules family. They're both self-sufficient when it comes to the basics, for one thing. (Unlike a baby or toddler who needs to be cared for constantly--or even a child, though I force my Sim children to be pretty independent.) Furthermore, they're the only family in which I didn't have to worry about producing a male heir. Brittanie has already produced, so she's off the hook. Darius is too young to have babies, so all he has to do is get cozy with a potential future wife. And keep his grades up so he can go to college.

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  1. Nice start with only one adult and one teen. I'm sure it gets worse in at least one of the other houses! :)
    (I'm the same jungfrun68 as on Livejournal with the MAttsmyra prosperity)