Monday, October 17, 2011

Introducing the Whitfill Family

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with EA Games, nor am I being compensated for my efforts. I just like the game.

Note: I am going to be writing part of this "in character" and then part of it not in character. I will indicate that by differences in text color.

Larita grew up in a close-knit family and always figured that she'd have a few kids of her own someday, but she just never met a man who made her want to settle down. So she explored the world and had fun for a few decades. Then her brother and his whole family were killed in a house fire. Larita moved to Prosperity Plains with the idea that she could maybe adopt some who need a family as much as she does now, with her family gone. Kids who can carry on the Whitfill name and the Whitfill way of looking out for each other.

Larita is a natural redhead, and in my mind she's a very fiesty, stubborn, opinionated person, though she's an Aquarius like a lot of my other Sims who I imagine as more laid-back. She's Family aspiration, though I don't remember what her lifetime want is. It's funny how both of my single women ended up Family.

Her name came whole from a random name generator too. I pronounce her first name Lah-ree-tah. She lives on the west side of town, right across the street from Rivka. Her lot is called Whitfill Ranch.

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