Friday, October 14, 2011

Introducing the Kules Family

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with EA Games, nor am I being compensated for my efforts. I just like the game.

Note: I am going to be writing part of this "in character" and then part of it not in character. I will indicate that by differences in text color.

Brittanie Kules has never let herself get tied down. Well, except when she got pregnant her senior year of high school and decided to keep the baby. But Darius was always a chill kid, willing to go along with his mother's flighty ways. And then there was that boyfriend, the one she met when Darius was 10, but she didn't let herself get tied down to him. He wanted marriage and family. Brittanie just wanted a good time. When the pressure got to be too much she did what she does best and just left, blowing away with the wind. She heard about land being sold for cheap in Prosperity Plains and decided to try her hand at home ownership. And home building. And home repair. And a bunch of other things she'd never done before. It's an adventure, right? And while there's not a lot of nightlife around here, public transportation is free and Darius is finally old enough to stay home without a babysitter.

Darius has always been okay with his mother's lifestyle. It is kind of cool that he gets to do a bunch of stuff nobody else is allowed to do, since his mom doesn't really care as long as he doesn't get brought home by the cops or something. But now that he's getting older he's starting to think about his future and feels like he wants a more stable lifestyle eventually. Unlike his mother, he read up on the conditions of land ownership in Prosperity Plains, and he thinks he's up to the challenge of staying here for the rest of his life, of encouraging his great-great-grandchildren to do the same. Of course, along the way he plans to get rich, so he's not always living in a little shack.

Brittanie is a Romance aspiration and an Aries, which works (outgoing points are handy when your lifetime wish is to be in love with 20 Sims at once). She's definitely not the kind of Sim I normally play (which is part of the point of the challenge), but she's growing on me.

Darius is an Aquarius (balanced, but with a little extra dash of playful) with a Fortune Aspiration. His lifetime want is to make $100,000.

I got Brittanie's name wholecloth from a random name generator, and then refreshed a few times before I got Darius as a first name (paired with a last name I don't remember), which seemed to go with the idea of him I'd built in my head. I made him in CAS by creating an adult male and clicking the randomize button a few times until I found something tolerable. (Some of those random Sims are UGLY.) Then I combined genetics with Brittany and got Darius. Then I deleted random blond guy.

(In my head, Darius was actually supposed to be biracial, but I went with what the randomizer gave me and it ended up working out because I have fatherless biracial teens elsewhere in the neighborhood and I wouldn't want to imply that all absentee fathers are black.)

Kules is pronounced like the word cool would be if it were plural. Or like mules with a k. Darius is pronounced Dare-ee-us. Which to me rhymes with Aquarius. Which is definitely not something I did on purpose.

Their house is on the northeast side of town and is called Kules Korner. I cringe every time I think of it, but naming a lot that is totally something Brittanie would do.


  1. Ah this should be a fun family. I never used to play Romance sims, but then I got Denis over in Breeze Point and he kind of changed my mind a bit. :) I'm adding your blog to my list, since apparently it isn't already there.

    1. Brittanie has grown on me over the "years." She's not nearly as hilarious as your Denis, though. :)

  2. Hi, I don't normally comment so early on but I figured I'd just let you know I've started to read your blog! It might take me a while to get through it but I am a pedant about this kind of thing, so I'll do it anyway. Can't wait to keep reading. :D

    1. Hi! It might not take you that long; I am a VERY inconsistent blogger. But thanks for reading anyway. :)