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Week Three Part Eight Point Five: Zeta Zeta Epsilon Greek House

Life in the Greek House was good. The young people all studied hard, of course, but they still managed to find time for other things. For example:

Spaghetti dinners around the giant kitchen table...

From left: Darius Kules, Corbin Todd, Donte Whitfill,
Francine Riedmayer, Elise Kalson, Blake Whitfill.
I don't know where Jihoon was at the time.


Jihoon and Francine at the end of their first dream date.
(His LTW is 50 Dream Dates. Oy.)

More dates...

 Elise Kalson and Darius Kules, 
high school sweethearts turned college sweethearts.

Painting (which in some circles qualified as a date)...

Jihoon Whitfill and Francine Riedmayer.
I set them up as a couple pretty much 
solely so I could get shots like this.

Still more dates...

Blond cheerleader girl and Corbin Todd. 
Please note that this is NOT Corbin's fiancee.

Jam sessions...

Blake Whitfill on electric guitar and Elise Kalson on bass.

And endless chess tournaments, which some people found utterly riveting.

From left: Darius Kules, Timothy Seifert, Donte Whitfill.
This picture was actually taken much later,
after Tim had pledged to the Greek House,
but it didn't fit into the narrative anywhere else.  

In the fall of the younger students' sophomore year, introverted Fran shocked everyone by being the first to get inducted into the secret society. (She didn't tell, but everybody noticed her wearing the black blazer.) Blake managed to hang on to his outgoing reputation by getting inducted second. Meanwhile, Corbin managed to get the Big Man on Campus award.

In the spring of their sophomore year, Jihoon, Donte, and Darius managed to get into the Secret Society. Elise would have gotten in as well, but the Secret Society was only allowed to induct 3 members per semester. (I wondered what the game would think of me having 4 Sims become eligible at the same time, but it responded quite well by inducting them 1 per night in seemingly random order.)

 Near the end of the semester, the Whitfill boys got the news that their mother, Larita, had died. Jihoon reacted to this news by proposing to Fran; he figured that life was short and he didn't want to spend any more of it than necessary apart from her. Donte simply buried himself in his studies. But Blake was the most profoundly affected. He had spent most of the time since his adoption chafing at one thing or another--at his responsibility as the "man of the family", as the eldest of five children. At the expectation that he would go to a certain college, join a certain Greek House, court and marry a girl from a certain town. At the fact that both the pretty girls in his Greek house were already involved, one with his best friend and one with his little brother. His mother's death made him realize that his "freedom" wasn't as important as he thought it was. Rather, family was important. Friends were important. Looking out for and supporting each other was important. (Blake was a Romance Sim with the LTW to have 20 loves. He rerolled and became a Popularity Sim with the LTW to become a celebrity chef.)

 Though they couldn't quite put their fingers on it, everyone in ZZE noticed the change in Blake after they got back from summer vacation. However, they were soon too busy to pester him about it. Elise predictably got into the Secret Society at the beginning of the semester. Fran once again surprised everyone by earning the Big Woman on Campus Award. Blake earned the Big Man on Campus award, which didn't really surprise anyone. They were also not very surprised when Darius finally got around to proposing to Elise, given that the two had been dating exclusively since they were 14.

The following semester, Elise managed to get the Big Woman on Campus award. Since Corbin was graduating, ZZE held a toga party in his honor. Corbin graduated Summa Cum Laude and left to go live with Edith back in Prosperity Plains.

The next semester was difficult, not because of Corbin's absence (Blake stepped into the role of House Leader, given that he was the more outgoing by far of the two students who weren't preoccupied by fiance(e)s.) However, Fran and Elise got bad cases of the flu shortly after returning to campus and were sick for quite a while; later Blake and then Darius caught it.

Once he recovered, Blake asked Timothy Siefert to pledge. Tim accepted and filled Corbin's spot in the house, at least physically speaking. In all other ways he was unlike Corbin; shy and bookish with blond hair falling in his face. (Timothy is a Knowledge Sim and a Virgo with the lifetime aspiration to become a prestidigitator; I made him a Literature major because we already had two Drama majors in the house.)

Later that semester Donte made Big Man on Campus. The next semester, both Jihoon and Darius earned that distinction. In honor of the fact that they were almost graduated, the members of ZZE threw another toga party.

The same semester, the students used some extra funds to build a pool on the back of their Greek house. The seniors were able to enjoy it during the lull between finals and commencement, but Timothy had gotten the flu himself and had to stay in bed.

All six of the older students graduated Summa Cum Laude. Over the next few weeks they packed up their things and went back to Prosperity Plains to seek their fortunes. Timothy recovered in time to see them off.

It would have been boring to post six pictures of people getting into taxis, 
so I elected to post the one with Donte. 
He was a good boy and spent his college years studying quietly, 
so there are almost no other pictures of him.

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