Saturday, April 14, 2012

Week Three Part Six: Bridgeview

Immediately after graduation, Greg Pons and Joan Riedmayer began planning their wedding. They were married on a beautiful fall evening about a year and a half later. Joan was escorted up the aisle by both Beata Riedmayer-Landgraab, mother of the bride, and Malcolm Landgraab IV, stepfather of the bride. Edith Riedmayer, sister of the bride, was the Maid of Honor; Corbin Todd, college friend of the couple (and fiance of the Maid of Honor), was the Best Man. Bridesmaids were Francine Riedmayer and Mildred Landgraab, sisters of the bride. Groomsmen were Timothy Siefert, college friend of the couple, and Malcolm Landgraab V, brother of the bride. Flower girls were Marion Landgraab and Margaret Landgraab, sisters of the bride.

The reception went late into the night, with friends of the couple toasting to their health and happiness.

Greg dreamed of joining the military, but was unable to do so. In order to keep them afloat financially, he got a job as a studio musician. Joan had no particular career ambitions; she wanted to start a family right away. However, money was tight, so she found a job with an art museum making reproductions of famous artwork for the gift shop. (The actual job title is "art forger," but I like to think Joan is staying on the straight and narrow.)

Soon, Joan got her wish and had to take a break from inhaling paint fumes in order to gestate her first child. (You will notice that Joan cut and colored her hair yet again.)

Six months later, Joan gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She and Greg chose the name Sarah. Joan thought the baby looked just like Greg, but Greg pointed out that she had Joan's sparkling gray eyes.

Since Greg was working long hours in the studio, Beata came over to help with the baby.

She very much enjoyed holding her new grandchild.

Although Joan still held her job with the art museum, the market for reproductions had tanked and she wasn't able to get a lot of work. She convinced Greg that they needed a second child so she could keep busy until work picked back up. Greg agreed, and Joan was soon expecting again.

(Joan had a three-day weekend. It would have been boring to have her puttering around taking care of one toddler for that long. So, I gave her something to do that takes 3 days of hard work.)

This is what the Pons house looked like Monday at 8:01 a.m. A great room, a master bedroom and bath, a nursery and "nursery bath" with a potty chair and changing table. Right after the wedding Joan and Greg could only afford a "studio apartment" type house, but they're both at level 7 or 8 of their careers so they accumulate money pretty rapidly. (Also, they bought a car and a lot of new clothes.)

Here's the outside of their house. You can see their car over on the left. I really like this family. Greg is a popularity Sim, which means he's as bad as a stereotypical teenage girl when it comes to being on the phone all the time. He's a nice guy, though. He doesn't whine when I direct him to change diapers. I think I'll wait for him to max out the Music career track (thus gaining me a point in the challenge) before switching him over to Military so he can then work on accomplishing his lifetime want. Meanwhile, Joan is a family Sim, which is my favorite kind of Sim to play because I'm good at it. Her lifetime want is to marry off six children. She won't be getting that for a long time, but I figure she's at least well on the way to having six children.


  1. Cheesecake her and the six kids will come soon. The long wait will be to marry them off :)

    1. She has seven kids now (though I did not use cheesecake; I think maybe I didn't know about it back then). So far only one is married, but the others will be going through college in twos and threes as soon as I get back to playing. (Real life has been busy lately.)