Thursday, April 12, 2012

Week Three Part Five: Riedmayer-Landgraab Estate

Francine left for college not long after the twins graduated. Almost as soon as she was gone, Millie began agitating for private school. Beata didn't want the extra work of schmoozing the headmaster, but Malcolm thought that it would be in the best interests of their children to attend private school instead of public.

The first attempt to get Millie and Mal in was met with abject failure. Perhaps it was the fire truck on the street as the headmaster pulled up (Beata had burned the chili); perhaps it was the fact that Malcolm greeted the headmaster in his pajama pants.

The second attempt worked, however; even little Marion (who was only in first grade) got in; that fall all three Landgraab children were proud to don their uniforms.

Meanwhile, Beata was astonished to discover that she was expecting again. Although she and Malcolm had wanted a brother for little Mal since right after he was born, after it took several years to conceive Marion they had decided that three children were enough and Beata would focus on her career.

However, when Marion was five they found themselves welcoming another daughter, whom they named Margaret.

Millie was perfectly happy to step into the role of caring big sister while Beata attempted to get back in shape so she could continue to pursue her dream of becoming a general.

Not long afterwards, Beata celebrated her fiftieth birthday and stopped coloring her hair, which had long ago turned from blond to white under the stresses of raising seven children. She wasn't looking forward to the "grandma" comments when out with Margaret or even Marion (both still in elementary school), but she also did have two grandchildren and figured she ought to start looking the part. Malcolm, 3 years Beata's junior and without biological grandchildren, staunchly refused to give up his Just For Men dye.

Shortly before Maggie was born, Mal had celebrated his 13th birthday. Given how studious both Francine and Millie were, Mal's parents were surprised to discover as the years went on that he took after his mother, preferring hanging out with friends to studying. He quickly became head of the student newspaper at his private school and made it his business to know everything about everybody.

Malcolm Landgraab V
son of Beata Riedmayer-Landgraab
and Malcolm Landgraab IV
Aspiration: Popularity
Lifetime Want: Become Media Magnate
Astrological sign: Gemini

He especially liked getting to know Theresa Dejackome, a redheaded beauty from across town.

His parents and bossy big sister made sure he applied himself to his studies, though.

This is what the Landgraab house looked like at the end of the week. The cribs are gone from the master bedroom, they have two cars, and the girls are still all obsessed with playing chess. (You can see Marion at the chess table in her nightgown.)

This is the second floor. Note that I put an addition over the master bedroom and moved the girls there, putting a TV and whatnot in their old bedroom. I don't think I ever bought a third princess bed, since Millie left for college pretty much immediately after Maggie aged up to child.

The exterior, which looks almost exactly the same even with the addition.

Not much to report here. Pretty much everything I wrote in the paragraph about Maggie's conception was actually true. I had Beata and Malcolm "try for baby" left and right after little Mal was born, and it didn't work until a few days later, which in Sim-time is a very long time. It wore me out, so I decided they were done. Then one day shortly after Marion was born they were in a good mood and I thought "Why not?" and sent them to bed to try for baby, more to help keep their relationship up than because I thought it'd actually work. And it worked on the first try. This all happened at the end of Week Four, but I transferred it to the beginning of Week Five because I write as if 1 day equaled 1 year and being pregnant for three years just isn't normal.


  1. So nice to see what you have done with the same house that I use for one of the families in my game, and to see how Malcolm Landgraab has turned out in your game - quite different from what his life is like in New Maximiliania :-)
    New Max is my special neighbourhood where all the Maxis-made families live, and I play them in turns for one Sim-week. If you want to have a look, just go to my profile; I have two blogs, and one of them is dedicated to New Maximiliania.

    1. I always love seeing "my" Sims on other people's blogs too. I will have to go check out your blog when I get the chance.

  2. Surprise baby! Congratulations :)

    1. I had forgotten about this bit of Maggie's backstory until you commented! So fun to look back.

      It is so rare for the Sims to not have babies effortlessly whenever they want that I always have a special fondness for the couples who struggle a little.