Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week Three Part Four: Whitfill Ranch

Larita had a dream of seeing all her kids through college. To that end, she sent the three boys all off to Sim State while they were still teenagers--18, 17, and 16, to be precise. Jihoon, who was the youngest and who had always been particularly close to his mother, was reluctant to go, but Larita told him he'd do better with his older brothers to look after him and she'd be fine with the twins helping her out around the house.

So they hopped in the taxi, one by one.

Sadly, Larita didn't live to see their college graduation. She died of a heart attack near the end of their sophomore year.

(I could have given Larita a shot of elixir to get her to the end of the week, but I decided that she'd already had more time than she really ought, what with the genie lamp and all. So I didn't try for the "CAS elder gets Lifetime Want" bonus.)

By then, the twins were legal adults, so they ordered their brothers back to college, reassuring them that they would handle everything back at the ranch.

The first thing they did with the life insurance settlement was order a tombstone for Larita and some trees and flowers for her grave.

Then the twins made some more frivolous purchases. The first was a new car...green, since that had always been Larita's favorite color.

Then the twins drove their new car into town and bought some new clothes--their first sets of new clothes ever; until then they'd subsisted on consignment shop finds.

After that they settled into a routine. They went to school, hung out for about an hour, went to their after school jobs, did their homework and worked on earning as many scholarships as possible so they could fulfill their mother's dream of all her children graduating from college.

They missed their mother and brothers most at night, so they happily continued to share a double bed rather than buying new singles.

They missed their brothers the most one night when a burglar broke into their house.

(Rishell and Veronia were furious at the burglar for DAYS. Seriously, they couldn't get a thing done without stomping their feet and thinking of him angrily.)

Fortunately, their security system altered the on-duty police officer, who arrived in time to catch the burglar and haul him off to her squad car. The twins decided that it wasn't necessary to call their brothers after all...they had enough to worry about with finals coming up.

This is what the downstairs looked like at the end of the week. Notice that the kitchen stuff is actually in the tiled area. There's a couch dividing the tile from the carpet (you probably can't see it from behind the stairs) and a new TV. Plus the bookcase is nicer than it used to be.

This is the upstairs, where we store stuff we don't need on a daily basis--the spare bed and the dresser.

This is the very boring exterior.

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  1. The twins seem to cope perfectly in their little boxy house :)