Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Week Three Part Seven: Riedmayer-Todd Estate

After graduation, Edith bought a property which she named Riedmayer-Todd Estate, in imitation of her mother and stepfather. Joan thought it was bad luck to name a property in honor of a marriage that had not yet taken place, but Edith didn't see why it was such a big deal, given that she and Corbin had been together for three years and engaged for two and a half. The wedding would certainly take place, even if it would have to wait until Corbin finished graduate school. Besides, Corbin took the bus from Sim State University almost every weekend.

At times it almost seemed that he lived with Edith.

Edith got a job working as a...government clerk (read: working for the Intelligence department) and quickly earned a promotion. She was on track for yet another promotion when she discovered that Corbin's weekend visits had been more fruitful than they'd anticipated.

Corbin was present for the birth of his daughter, Ingrid Riedmayer. Everyone agreed that she looked just like him, and even Joan was satisfied with his willingness to help take care of the baby during his visits.
Edith went back to work as soon as possible after Ingrid's birth. It wasn't that she didn't like spending time with her daughter; it was just that with a child in the picture financial stability was even more important than it had been. She quickly got that second promotion she'd been angling for, despite the time off, and immediately began working towards another. It was almost time for Corbin to graduate, and weddings weren't cheap...

This is what Edith's house looked like at about 8:12 on Monday. (She was sleeping and I forgot to watch the clock.) It's pretty simple but it has everything she needs for the time being and once Corbin moves in she'll be able to do a lot more with it. Edith of course struggled financially more than Joan and Greg did, but I was surprised by how easy it was for her to juggle a long-distance relationship and a career and a baby. Corbin is a Romance Sim, so I'm not at all sure how things will work out between him and Edith. (His lifetime want is to reach the top of the Slacker career track, so I might just get him in permanent platinum as quickly as possible and then he won't care if I make him get married.) When I played him at college I checked his memory panel and he actually has a positive memory of Ingrid's birth, so maybe he's a little more family-oriented than your average Romance Sim. Still, things will get interesting if he rolls a fear of marrying Edith after he graduates.


  1. All births are good news in the sims, I never saw a bad memory from that (even though there can be aspirational hits if you make Romancers have one baby after another)

    1. I think I might have seen red memories from babies before, but I would have to check. (Strangely enough, once I had a Family Sim get a red engagement memory...I think she did not like that I had paired her off with a Romancer!)