Monday, May 21, 2012

Week Four Part Eight: Paradisio

Or: What happens when a Knowledge Sim lives alone.

(Compare to this post about Donte's brother Blake.) 

New college grad Donte Whitfill, like the Pons and Riedmayer-Todd families, fell prey to the Great Flu Epidemic of '32. As soon as he recovered, he started work as the CEO of an electronics firm.
One evening after work, Donte invited over his good friend Gretchen Dejackome, who was currently attending Sim State with Donte's sisters.

I found out thanks to this little episode that if you use "merge students" to put teens in a dorm, you have to load it once before they'll actually age up. So Gretchen was still a "teen" and couldn't interact romantically with Donte. Oh well.
Gretchen and Donte amused themselves with a game of chess. At one point, Gretchen said how grateful she was to have such a good friend.

Can you tell they're both Knowledge Sims? :)
Donte made a late dinner of salmon, which Gretchen enjoyed very much.

Fun fact/spoiler: I found out during their honeymoon that Gretchen's favorite food is salmon. (When Sims are at a restaurant looking at menus, they'll get a particular food in a thought bubble over their head.) Go me!

(Donte's favorite food is spaghetti.)
Just a few years after starting as CEO of a single company, Donte found himself a Business Tycoon. He had to admit it was kind of cool riding to work in a helicopter, but the business world really just wasn't his thing. He still dreamed of being a teacher someday.

This promotion was due to a chance card, though I think Donte qualified anyway. Thanks to the chance card, he got a $35,000 bonus in addition to the usual promotion bonus. That was pretty cool.

This was TOC #1 for Donte, but no LTW yet.

While he waited for an educational opening to present itself, Donte worked on honing his skills.

Inspired by his brother Blake, Donte strove to become a better cook and had soon mastered Lobster Thermidor.
This is Donte's little bachelor pad at the end of the week. It's small but pretty well-furnished, especially with that state-of-the-art kitchen. It's definitely better than the house with no back wall that Donte's mother had after her first week on a new lot.
And the outside.

It was a boring but very successful week for this lone little Knowledge boy.


  1. A house of rest for the Sojourner I guess :)

    1. The trouble with these easy houses is that they go by so fast, and then it's back to the harder lots. (Seriously, I think Gretchen and Donte had two children before I took this lot off triple speed.)