Friday, May 11, 2012

Week Four Part Three: Riedmayer Cove

With her daughters in private school, Jill figured she had dispensed her duty to her dearly-departed Elwood. She started going out to bars again, while Johnson made sure the girls ate dinner, did their homework, and went to bed on time.

 Johnson, Annie, Jacqueline, and Agatha eat leftovers while Gretchen puts her plate in the dishwasher without being told.
The years passed rapidly, and soon Agatha was turning 13. In honor of the milestone Jill went shopping and spent over 8000 Simoleons on clothes. (She figured that anything Agatha didn't want could be saved for the other girls.) She also took Agatha to the salon for a haircut and helped her apply makeup for the first time.

 Agatha's first question after her birthday was when she would be allowed to date boys. Jill thought 13 was plenty old enough, but Johnson cautioned Agatha to focus on school and making platonic friends so she could go to college and get a good career.

Agatha Riedmayer, daughter of Elwood Riedmayer and Jill Smith 
Brown hair, S3 skin, gray eyes 
Aspiration: Romance 
Lifetime Want: Woohoo 20 Different Sims Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Agatha looks like what I think of as a typical Riedmayer girl--big eyes, a long straight nose, and an angular jawline. I think she's extremely pretty as a teen.

A year later, Annie became a teen. She was plainer than her cousin, but she had an easygoing, cheerful temperament that endeared her to everyone around her. Johnson told her that if she made the right friends and got good scholarships she would go far in life. (He made no mention of looks.) Jill gave her a makeover that emphasized her best features.

Annie Riedmayer, daughter of Quinton "Jack" Riedmayer and Johnson Simpson 
Blond hair, S2 skin, brown eyes
Aspiration: Popularity 
Lifetime Want: Become Captain Hero 
Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Both girls soon got after-school jobs, Agatha in Entertainment and Annie in Law Enforcement. By the time they graduated high school both girls had excelled so much that they got scholarships, which certainly made Johnson proud.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline began to talk about seeing her father--Elwood, not Johnson. She claimed that his ghost leapt right out of thin air while she was playing and scared her half to death.
 Jill figured that Jacqueline just needed a little extra attention and started playing nice calming games of chess with her in the afternoons.
But then Agatha said she saw Elwood's ghost too; that he leapt out of the easel while she was painting. (Which made no sense at all, since that easel had been Jack's.)

Jill started encouraging the girls to visit Elwood's grave and work out their grief in constructive ways, and after that the claims of ghostly apparitions ceased. Jill was glad, since it gave her time to invite over a few friends. 

Jill seemed to get along well with Brandi here, so I spontaneously decided that she's bisexual. It keeps her and Brittanie Kules from just passing lovers back and forth, anyway.
Meanwhile, Jacqueline and Gretchen both turned 13. The two both said they wanted to make lots of money when they were grown up (which pleased Johnson no end and no doubt would have pleased Elwood), though Gretchen said she wanted to earn riches through daring adventures in exotic locales and Jacqueline simply wanted to go to law school and end up in the judiciary.

Gretchen Riedmayer, daughter of Quinton "Jack" Riedmayer and Johnson Simpson 
Brown hair, S4 skin, light blue eyes
Aspiration: Fortune 
Lifetime Want: Become Space Pirate 
Astrological Sign: Aries

Jacqueline Riedmayer, daughter of Elwood Riedmayer and Jill Smith 
Brown hair, S4 skin, gray eyes
Aspiration: Fortune 
Lifetime Want: Become The Law 
Astrological Sign: Aquarius

It's interesting to see genetics play out when you don't have Firstborn Syndrome going on. (The Riedmayer girls were born during the same play cycle and thus were immune.) Gretchen gets practically all of her features from her mother, while--as I pointed out above--Agatha looks like the Riedmayer side of the family. 

P.S. Don't believe everything in that Pregnancy Guide. For example, you definitely don't need 5000 Simoleons to have a Sim baby. I can't tell you how many times I've had to sell the couch (or whatever) to buy a crib, which I stuck in the living room. All those babies turned out fine. :)

Jill and Johnson were worried for a little while that having a 16-year-old girl, a 15-year-old girl, and two 13-year-old girls in the same house was a recipe for disaster, but the girls were all fast friends. The talking never stopped, but at least it was friendly talking.
This is what the house looked like at the end of the week.The only noticeable difference on the first floor is that a lot more magazines have accumulated.

On the second floor, I have added a little balcony gym. Otherwise things are very much the same.
The attic has flooring now.
I took off the normal roofs entirely with the thought of turning them into balcony type areas. Meanwhile, my attempts to make it easier to get from the house to the street continue.

I don't normally like Romance Sims, but I was glad that Agatha rolled Romance. I need one of the girls to have illegitimate children to carry on the family name and it should work nicely with Agatha. Jill and Johnson are young enough that they'll still be around to help out when the children are small.


  1. All the girls are really pretty, each in their own way!

    1. They're all adults in my game now (I really need to get back to playing and blogging; I fell out of my routine over the holidays...) and it's funny to see how their looks changed. I think Agatha was the prettiest as a teen, but her features became very angular as she got older. Meanwhile, Gretchen, who was averagely pretty as a teen, is definitely the prettiest adult.