Saturday, May 12, 2012

Week Four Part Four: Whitfill Ranch

Or: What Happens When A Popularity Sim Lives Alone

It seemed like the very moment Blake Whitfill returned from college, his sisters were leaving for it.
Blake and Rishell

Blake was happy that they were fulfilling their late mother's dream for them, but he was also sad to see them go. He had never lived alone before in his life, and now here he was by himself in a house that was full of memories.
One of the first things he did was go buy some new clothes. Nobody would want to come visit if he looked like a crazy hobo.
While he was trying on his new suit, Blake went out to visit his mother's grave. He was still sad that he hadn't been there when she died, but her death had been far too sudden for him to return from college.
After a while, Blake pulled himself together. His mother had lived a full life and would want him to do the same. So Blake put on his new outfit and prepared to face the world.

I'm not a huge fan of the dark skin/red hair combo, but I think Blake pulls it off.
It took a little while, but Blake managed to get his dream job as a chef before his savings ran out. The first day of work, he brought home a coworker, Yoosung Harris, and served spaghetti. Life was not so lonely anymore.
As soon as possible, Blake invited over his brother Jihoon and gave Jihoon the easel he'd used as a child. Jihoon was delighted to get the easel back.
Blake gave his mother's old easel to Jihoon's new wife, Francine. Fran would put it to good use and she could pass it along to her children, who would be Larita's grandchildren.
Then the three of them sat down in the newly refurbished living room and watched a movie.
Blake also invited over a female coworker, but she wasn't as nice as Yoosung. She even had the gall to criticize the paintings on the wall, which had been done by his mother! Blake was so upset he could hardly finish his hamburger.
On one of his days off, Blake invited over his friend Millie Landgraab and her family. They had a relaxing day just hanging out.

From bottom left: Millie, Marion, Malcolm IV, and Margaret.
Blake served cake to his guests. Millie told her little sisters, "Aren't you glad we made a new friend?"

Blake didn't know about the Landgraab girls, but he was certainly happy to have made a new friend.

Clockwise from left: Millie, Marion, Margaret, Blake, Beata, Malcolm IV, Malcolm V

This is what the first floor looked like at the end of the week. Everything to the right of the front door is new, as you might guess.
This is the upstairs. It actually is different in that it has full walls rather than being an awkward area under the roof.
And this is the whole house. (With the family car on the bottom left and Larita's grave on the top left.) I was really pleased with how it turned out.

This house was a little different than some of my other "bachelor" houses. Knowledge Sims (like Blake's brother Donte, whose house will come up later this round) or even Fortune Sims living alone are easy and very very boring. A Romance-turned-Popularity Sim living alone is a little more complicated. Blake did earn a lot of skill points and go to work and all that, but he also brought someone home from work or invited someone over almost every day. It was actually kind of fun.

I didn't get any pictures to prove it, but Millie Landgraab, who had met Blake maybe once before in her life, autonomously called him twice this week. I was planning to force them to marry anyway, but that made me feel like maybe they "wanted" to be together as well, as much as little collections of pixels with primitive AI can want anything. (The funniest part is that Millie was still a teenager while Blake was an adult, so--since I don't have InTeen or any other such hacks--they can't be attracted to each other.)

But I get ahead of myself.

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  1. Blake and Millie must have something in common and that's a good ground to build a future on!