Saturday, May 5, 2012

Week Four Part Two: Dejackome Place

Gretchen leaves for college right before school.
Jeannie leaves for college right after school.
The fall after they turned seventeen, Gretchen and Jeannie went off to college. 

Melanie, Gavin, and Theresa had an uneventful time at home. Theresa was going steady with Malcolm Landgraab V (she wasn't a fan of the going steady part, but he was a pretty good kisser). One day she brought home a city boy, Brian Tse, but Melanie told her to say goodbye and get back to her studies. (Even though, by strange coincidence, the boy had the same last name as Melanie. Theresa tried to convince her that they needed to do a genealogical study, but to no avail.)

Gavin looks studious.

Theresa daydreams of older men while in bed with the flu.

Gavin, meanwhile, quite happily threw himself into his studies. He was able to earn scholarships in cooking, mathematics (logic), and fitness. Theresa earned scholarships in cooking and art. She was on the verge of earning enough AP credits to get an engineering (mechanical) scholarship, but then she got sick and had to spend some time in bed. Both of teens got awards for their good grades, for their high performance in the work-study program, and for the fact that they were orphans.
Melanie felt as if she had succeeded in her promise to Rivka to raise the children well. Once Gavin and Theresa went to college, she would be able to focus solely on her career.

The house looked much the same at the end of this week. Really, it was an exceptionally boring week. (Just wait, though. It gets even MORE boring during Week Five, when Melanie is holding down the fort by herself.) I had to take the pictures of Gavin and Theresa from the end of Week Three and the very beginning of Week Five respectively just to pad this update a little.

That might make it sound like I don't like playing the Dejakomes. I do. I love their little nerdy hearts. They're just not the kind of family that makes for an exciting blog update.


  1. A nice and calm family can be relaxing to play even though "nothing" happens

    1. It is definitely better than the first week at Dejackome Place, when Rivka was by herself and miserable!