Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Week Four Part One Point Five: The Kalson-Kules Wedding

The pavilion, because getting struck by lightning really puts a damper on your party score.
The kids entertained themselves during the ceremony with the activity table. (You would not believe how long it took to set up this shot.)
Mr. and Mrs. Darius Kules
The adult guests. Back row: Corbin Todd, friend of the couple; Brittanie Kules, mother of the groom; Ryan Cho, stepfather (kinda) of the groom. Front row: Blake Whitfill, Donte Whitfill, and Jihoon Whitfill, all friends of the couple.
The first dance
The first dance continued
The party went on long past Jaden's bedtime.

Darius shoved the cake in Elise's face.
Fortunately, she thought it was funny.

This is the only picture with matron of honor Francine Whitfill, nee Riedmayer, friend of the couple. I think that dress looks good on her.
Darius and Elise didn't go on a honeymoon, but they did retreat to their newly decorated bedroom for a little one-on-one time.


  1. What a nice wedding. I really have to start taking more wedding pictures and explain the guests relationship to the couples

    1. A lot of the time I am tempted to do a quickie wedding so I can get on with playing (and making them have babies :)), but I always end up being glad that I went to the trouble of inviting guests and taking pictures and such even though it takes a long time.