Monday, June 4, 2012

End of Week Four Stats

I have not been super diligent about tracking points, but I still thought it would be interesting to do a breakdown of how many points I have earned thus far. (Some are end-of-challenge percentage bonuses and thus are tentative.) This is based on the file called "Prosperity Tracking Sheet Expansions through Freetime" in the "Files" section of the Prosperity Yahoo group.

Kules Korner looks so lonely. And that won't be fixed until the end of Week Six, when Jaden and whoever he marries move into a new lot. (If a playable marries a townie, they move near to the playable's family. If two playables marry, they move near to the male playable's family.)

Number of residential lots: 11 (excluding Greek House; up from 4 originally)

Original houses inhabited by heir with same last name: 100% (3 are male; 1 is female and will likely have illegitimate children to carry on the name)

Marriages taking man's last name: 100% (including one between two men)


Number of controllable Sims: 48, 44 living (including 1 Greek House placeholder who will eventually marry into the game; up from 10 originally)

Kuleses by birth/adoption: 5 (2 female, 3 male), up from 2 founders
+ by name: 5

Dejackomes by birth/adoption: 4 living (3 female, 1 male) 1 deceased (female), up from 1 founder
+ by name: 4 living, 1 deceased

Riedmayers by birth/adoption: 20 living (14 female, 6 male), 2 deceased (both male), up from 6 founders
+ by name:
8 living (6 female, 2 male), 2 deceased

Whitfills by birth/adoption: 6 living (3 female, 3 male), 1 deceased (female), up from 1 founder
+ by name: 6 living, 1 deceased

Former NPCs/Townies/Maxis-made controllables: 10

Notice that this adds up to 49, not 48. That's because the youngest Whitfill, Lauren, is a Riedmayer on her mother's side and thus counts twice.

In terms of sheer numbers, the Riedmayers are definitely winning; of course, they were the largest family to begin with. (However, they are disproportionately female, putting their family name in danger.) The Whitfills win the multiplication award, having sextupled their currently-living population.

Impossible wants fulfilled: 1 (arguably; Malcolm Landgraab IV hit 100k shortly after I took control of him)

Sims with top influence at death: 0

Top of career: 2 (Malcolm Landgraab IV, Criminal Mastermind; Donte Whitfill, Business Tycoon.)

Lifetime Aspirations fulfilled: 1 (Malcolm Landgraab IV, Criminal Mastermind)

Liftetime Aspiration meter filled: 1 (Ironically, not Malcolm, but his stepdaughter, Francine Riedmayer)


Homes with 3 generations or more: 0 (I do have a house with a CAS adult who is now an elder; her son, a CAS teen who is now an adult; and his baby son, but that doesn't count since the older two are technically both Generation 1.)

Neighborhood net worth: $710,427 (excluding value of Greek House), up from about 85k. (I have whatever expansion pack gives slightly more money to larger CAS families.)

Number of platinum graves: 3 (of 4)

Ghosts free to roam: 100% 


Summa cum laude graduates: 15 (of 16)

Big Sims on Campus: 16 (100% of graduates)

Secret Society members: 17 (100%, including current Greek House placeholder and one Sim who was in the SS before he was asked to pledge to the Greek House)

Greek House members: 17 (100%; the Greek House was founded by the first controllable Sim to attend college)


Gold badge points: 0

Number of businesses passed through a household for 3 generations: 0

Number of households owning at least 15 businesses for 3 generations: 0

Number of Plant Sim generations: 0

Number of Sims collecting all vacation mementos: 0

Individual Sim hobby plaque points: I really was not keeping track of this; I think at the end of Week 4 there were a few Arts and Crafts plaques earned by accident by Sims who painted regularly.

Number of houses with all 10 hobby plaques: 0

Households in Gardening Club: 0% (so far)

I started using more of the Open for Business and Bon Voyage features in Week 5; stay tuned.


Sim shrink visits: 1 (Johnson Riedmayer, a Fortune Sim whose kids didn't get into private school on the first try)

Social bunny visits: 0

College drop outs: 0

Fired for poor work performance: 2 (Rivka Dejackome and Joan Riedmayer, both during Week 1)

Chance cards ignored: 0

Children taken by social worker: 0

ReNuYu Orb uses: 0

Reset Lifetime Aspiration benefits: 0

Employees laid off, employees who quit, open venue businesses: 0, 0, 0

Bonus for 10 or 20 Impossible Wants fulfilled: N/A (for now)

Bonus for CAS Elder acheiving LTW: N/A

Bonus for CAS Elder achieving IW: N/A

Bonus for 0 Sims (excluding CAS elders) dying without achieving LTW: 30


Total Score End of Week Four: 174, including ending bonuses but excluding hobby plaques, since I don't know how many of those there were.

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