Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Prosperity Challenge Rules: Selling a business back to the community?

I was just reading over the Prosperity Challenge rules again and found this section:

"Businesses may not be sold to household members.  Businesses can be sold to family members that do not reside within the same household as the current business owner, to townies or to other playable sims."

 Here's what I did by accident that worries me:

In my last college round, I had two Romance Sims, Theresa and Agatha. Theresa bought Little 'n' Local and invited over her friends to make them lovers. (She hit the 30 Simultaneous Lovers impossible want in her third semester, so I rerolled her aspiration; now she's Fortune.) When she was done, the business was Level 8 (doing woohoo with customers tends to give them loyalty stars) so she was able to sell it "back to the community" for $45,000 (putting her well on the way to her second IW). That put the Greek House funds at about $60,000; I bought a couple of big statues and stuffed them in Theresa's inventory so she'd have her money to use after graduation. I then had Agatha buy Little 'n' Local from the community for $5600, using Greek House money. She never visited it because I got bored of playing Romance by then.

I'm not going to worry about penalty for selling it to a household member. They live in different households now that they have graduated, so I could have achieved basically the same effect by having Theresa sell the business to Agatha post-graduation. (Agatha might make an alumni donation to the Greek House to offset the money she spent buying the business.) I am also not going to worry about having Theresa's Fortune IW achieved that much sooner. She's probably going to make like half a million in the course of her lifetime; the fact that she makes it a little sooner is pretty irrelevant. (Her new LTW is "Become City Planner," so it's not even that she'll get permaplat sooner.) My question is what to do with the $39,000 of profit. Is this a legitimate loophole, or do I have to burn that money off buying clothes or something?

Also, is selling a business back to the community ever okay?

(Searching the Prosperity Yahoo group was fruitless in this regard, so I'm hoping my 3 readers can help me here.)


  1. I really hope that doesn't count as cheating, because then I'm guilty many times over!

    1. Theresa still has those scupltures in her inventory. I am thinking of sending them to the grave with her mother-in-law, who is just a few days away from a party with Grim and the hula girls. I know this is the Prosperity challenge, but some of my Sims are just too rich.

      I am not sure what I will do next time I have a business I want to sell. I am planning on keeping most businesses in the family so that my future generations can reap the rewards of their ancestors' labor.