Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sims 2 Bon Voyage stuck in bed while on vacation

Another installment in the "posts with titles that are things I Google in desperation."

I've had Sims get stuck in beds in my base neighborhood before...a married couple wouldn't stop sleeping and get out of bed to take care of their crying twin babies. So I used moveobjects to delete the bed. They "jumped" and were fine. The babies got new diapers and the parents got a new bed (sadly, of lower quality than the one that glitched, since they were low on funds).

Anyone who doesn't already know this: Hold down ctrl and shift and hit c while playing Sims. This will open up a white strip on the top of your screen. You can type things into this strip. If you type "moveobjects on" (without quotation marks) and hit enter, you will be able to go into Buy or Build mode and move any object you want...objects being used by Sims, Sims themselves... When you're done, type ctrl + shift + c and "moveobjects off."

Anyway. You can't do that while your Sims are on vacation because the Buy and Build tabs are grayed out. So I was very unhappy when it happened to a different Sim couple staying at a hotel. Since I didn't want this particular Sim couple to die just yet, I did some frantic Googling. I found this thread as a result.

To recap, just in case that thread later gets lost into the sands of time: ctrl + shift + c to bring up the cheat window. Type "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true." (No quotes, spacing just like that.) Hold down shift and click on the Sim who is stuck. There will be lots of options, so you may have to hit "More" once or twice. When you find the "Force error" option, click it. You will get a dialog box that I didn't bother to read. Click the button at the bottom of the dialog box that says "Reset." Your Sim should "jump" out of bed and be fine and normal. I have no idea if the bed will ever be normal again. I don't plan on trying it, and as soon as this family goes home that hotel is getting some new furniture.

(To turn off boolprop, ctrl + shift + c and then "boolprop testingcheatsenabled false." There are rumors that leaving boolprop on too long can cause problems with your game.)

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