Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Week Five Part Three: Riedmayer Cove

Jill Smith*, 46 years old. Aspiration: Romance. LTW: Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers. Astrological sign: ?
Johnson Simpson*, 43 years old. Aspiration: Fortune. LTW: Become Chief of Staff. Astrological sign: ?
Agatha Riedmayer, 19 years old. Aspiration: Romance. LTW: Woohoo 20 Different Sims. Astrological sign: Sagittarius.
Annie Riedmayer, 18 years old. Aspiration: Popularity. LTW: Become Captain Hero. Astrological sign: Aquarius.
Gretchen Riedmayer, 16 years old. Aspiration: Fortune. LTW: Become Space Pirate. Astrological sign: Aries.
Jacqueline Riedmayer, 16 years old. Aspiration: Fortune. LTW: Become the Law. Astrological sign: Aquarius.

*Jill and Johnson both have the last name Riedmayer in-game because of having married/joined the Riedmayer brothers.
A very partial family tree. It took me a week just to make this much; the photos did not want to cooperate. The six people with actual portraits are the people pictured above, just older in some cases. (The most noticeable difference being Jill's white hair.)

The brothers' death dates were generated according to my birthday rules. Jacqueline's birth year (and therefore all the other girls' birth years) was moved up by 1 year for the sake of realism. (Nobody is actually born 2 years after her father's death. At least not without serious assisted reproduction technology.) Her birth month was the first randomly generated month that worked with the storyline. The day of the month was purely random.

Thanks to Johnson keeping track of her, Agatha managed to earn lots of scholarship money. She was very happy to leave for college; it was high time to have some fun instead of work work work all the time. It'd be really nice to finally snag a boy or twenty.
Annie left for college too. She hadn't chafed under her father's guidance nearly as much, but it would be nice to meet new friends.

Jill figured that Johnson had done a really good job with the first two girls and would do fine with the other two. So she spent a lot of time on outings. Johnson didn't seem to mind her not being around, and the stuff her various dates brought over as gifts sold for a pretty penny.
Jill had another reason for not wanting to be home at night--the ghosts were really active. At first she had thought that the ghosts were just something Jacqueline made up--Jacqueline did seem to have kind of a nervous temperament. But then everybody else had a ghost jump out at them at least once. Jill for one was a believer and no longer got mad when Jacqueline crawled in bed with her at night. It was nice to have company.
The younger girls were working hard at after-school jobs and didn't have much time for friends, much less boyfriends. Gretchen did meet a nice boy at work, though. His name was Jaden Kules and he said he lived just on the other side of town. Gretchen made sure to say goodbye not long after dark; she didn't want Jaden getting scared off by the ghosts.

Since she couldn't sleep very well, Gretchen started honing her robot-making skills at night, figuring it would come in handy later to be able to craft items to sell.
Portrait spam: Jill as an elder.
The first floor. Jill's old bedroom got turned into an office; otherwise not much has changed.
The second floor. Jill sleeps in the pink room now, along with Jacqueline and Gretchen.
The attic. Used to store the old green bed so Ghost Elwood doesn't get madder than he already is.
The roof, used for the telescope.

A panoramic view. The stairs from the house to the street are now finished and catching the schoolbus is a much easier thing. Meanwhile we've started on a greenhouse. (I used to not like starting building projects unless I could finish them, but then a bad chance card or two convinced me to keep the cash account low. A bad chance card will never reduce your account past 0, so if you lose $20,000 when you only have $5,000 in the bank it's a lot better than when you have $15,000 in the bank.)

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  1. This house looks like a fortress on that hill - or a ghost castle :)