Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week Five Part Two: Dejackome Place

Melanie Tse, 43 years old. Aspiration: Knowledge. LTW: Become Game Designer. Astrological sign: Virgo.
Gavin Dejackome, 21 years old. Aspiration: Knowledge. LTW: Become Criminal Mastermind. Astrological sign: Cancer.
Theresa Dejackome, 21 years old. Aspiration: Romance. LTW: Become Celebrity Chef. Astrological sign: Libra.

Random side note: I have a sister named Teresa (no h), so I have a really hard time spelling Theresa's name right. I deal by pronouncing it "Thur-ee-sa" in my head.

Just the Sim tree this time; it was easier to add text to this than to add pictures to MyHeritage. 

Melanie is not actually related to the Dejackomes in any way; she's just a houseguest who's stayed for 15 years. 
After graduating Sim State, Gretchen had moved in with her boyfriend, Donte Whitfill, and Jeannie had moved in with her fiance, Timothy Seifert. So Melanie faced the prospect of an empty house when Gavin and Theresa left for Sim State themselves.

I listed all their scholarships in the last update for this house.
Melanie had a lot of free time once the twins were gone. She managed to achieve her lifetime dream of becoming a game designer. After that, she thought it would be nice to settle down and just study away her golden years. She did get a job as a substitute teacher just to have something to do that was not as demanding as game design. Plus, she found that she missed teaching stuff to kids.

TOC #1 and LTW for Melanie. New LTW: Max All Skills. Since she was only a few days from turning elder, I had her get a new job right away so she could get a second TOC.

In general, Melanie found that she missed the Dejackome kids more than she ever would have thought possible. Gretchen and Jeannie were married with families now, so it was highly unlikely they'd ever come back to their childhood home. Gavin and Theresa might, though. Melanie left their rooms exactly the way they'd left them just in case.
Meanwhile, the garden went unweeded and old magazines piled up on the lawn. Melanie remembered how she had moved here when she was a young woman and Rivka Dejackome an old woman, because Rivka couldn't manage by herself. Now Melanie was almost as old as Rivka had been and was starting to realize that she couldn't manage by herself either.

This was an exceptionally uneventful week; I think I played through it in about an hour and a half of real time. Rivka's ghost floats around from time to time, but she hasn't scared anybody, which is actually kind of sad in a house full of Knowledge Sims. (Melanie rolls the want to see Rivka's ghost once every few days.) Not to mention a few scarings would spice things up a bit.


  1. I have started to cancel all subscriptions of magazines - noone ever reads them!

    1. Did you know you can pick them up in Buy mode and sell them for money? After I discovered that I started subscribing again.

  2. No I didn't know that - you learn something new every day! Maybe I'll start subscriptions in my poor houses again :)